Drop and Give Me Zen, Frisco

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This article is sponsored by Horizon Hot Yoga.

2020, you were a bit topsy-turvy but that didn’t stop Horizon Hot Yoga from celebrating its third birthday! The locally-owned and operated Frisco biz is not only surviving…it’s thriving.

And they’re on a mission to make sure that YOU are, too.

If you’re wondering what enabled HHY able to weather the 2020 storm when other small businesses were closing their doors? Here’s a thought:

Now more than ever, people are seeking a place of refuge where they can destress and quiet their minds. Between pandemic life, politics, and social unrest, one can’t help but feel a bit frazzled.

Horizon Hot Yoga aspires to create a haven-like atmosphere where you can clear your mind, detox, and shut the world out for a little while. Co-owner Mary Von Ahnen shares,

Our single-minded passion and life dream at Horizon Hot Yoga is to support our student community.

While they offer a wide variety of yoga classes, one style, in particular, was designed to help you alleviate all your worries and usher you into whole-body health.

Now’s the time to try Hot 26.

Hot 26 is Horizon’s signature class, taught in a 60-minute or 90-minute format. Inspired by owners Mike and Mary Von Ahnen’s love for Bikram yoga and its Ghosh lineage, this style of teaching is not easily found elsewhere in the area.

The class offers 26 postures with two breaths per asana (pose). Since the asanas are based on the natural range of motion, the flow works every muscle, ligament, and joint in your body (and mind).

horizon hot yoga 2021Classes begin with pranayama exercises that aim to draw your mind inward — that mental reset that we need. As you perform breath work, often the unexpected happens — your worries float away. Consider it a little TLC for your mind, body, and soul.

Although this may not sound like a productive effort, since breathing is an automatic function of life, think again! Over the course of our days, we often take rapid and shallow breaths due to poor posture, a sedentary lifestyle, and living life in the fast lane.

In a Hot 26 class, however, you learn how to take deep, refreshing breaths. Imagine blowing up a big balloon. Those deep breaths cause the rib cage to expand, helping to reduce blood pressure, improve sleep quality, and enhance cognitive functions in your body.

After taking in all of that amazing oxygen, the instructor will guide you through a standing sequence followed by a floor series. Now, the beauty of floor postures is that you get to take a 20-second savasana (rest) between each asana — pure bliss!

Yoga Savasana

And if your mind wandered during class (you’re not the first), no worries. You’ll perform another series of breathing exercises that will restore your sense of inner calm. This breathwork — knows as Kapalabhati — is when you take quick and strong exhales, followed by the final Savasana where you’ll experience complete relaxation. Ahh…more bliss.

Work hard, play hard, detox, repeat.

Still not sure about Hot 26? Check out these health benefits:

A quieter mind. Silence… When was the last time you quieted your mind? Six months ago or never? Hot 26 is one of the few yoga classes taught in complete silence. The only noise in the room is the teacher’s soothing voice to guide you through each posture and cue proper alignment for each pose.

horizon hot yoga 2021

Does silence sound boring and a little uncomfortable? Hold-up! Silence allows you to let go of the external noise factors which actually shut down your stress response mechanism. When this happens, you’re better able to experience a sense of inner calm, improved concentration, and better focus. A quieter mind is also shown to reduce chronic pain and depression and even amp up your creativity.

A release of toxins. Nothing is worse than feeling bloated, am I right? You know, when you can’t zip your favorite jeans due to swelling and water retention? Hot 26 will help eliminate these problems by detoxing your body.

The classes are performed in a heated environment — 105 degrees and 40 percent humidity, to be exact. You’ll sweat away all of those unwanted toxins and chemicals in the body. (So ladies, if it’s that dreadful time of the month, this is the class you need to debloat and feel a lot better.)

Bonus, a sweaty detox is also known to help reduce the signs of aging!

You’re only one yoga class away from a healthier you.

Horizon is interested in helping you take your wellness journey to the next level. “We’re all about exploration and learning,” they tell us. To that end, in addition to their class schedule, they offer unique workshops on a regular basis. Here are three coming up in early 2021 that might pique your interest:

Spanish-speaking Ashtanga Primary Series Workshop

February 6th, 12:00 – 2:00

If you’ve wanted to learn this beautiful practice, but feel that language can be a barrier, Horizon Hot Yoga is ready to guide you in your native language. Stephanie Garzon will guide the traditional Ashtanga sequence, also sharing how to breathe properly, and the benefits of starting a constant practice of yoga. Get to know our beautiful community of Hispanic yogis!

horizon hot yoga 2021 1You Think You Know – Unlocking the Hidden Potential of the Basics and Where They Will Take You

March 6, 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm

Designed for Vinyasa-lovers, this workshop is for experienced yogis who want to re-explore the basics of vinyasa yoga to take their practice to the next level. Also welcome are beginners who want to re-learn the basics properly. Having the right foundation will lead to a lifelong practice free of injury and full of the mental, emotional, and physical benefits of yoga.

Hot 26 and Ghosh Workshop

April 12-18

Instructed by JJ Garcia, “International Yoga Champ” — more information to come soon.

Now’s the time to find your inner Zen, Frisco! Retreat to Horizon this season and detox both your body and your mind. You might discover a few more unicorn emojis and rainbows in your life!

Horizon is dedicated to helping students meet their goals, wherever they are in their journey toward greater health. To learn more about what they have to offer, check out www.horizonhotyoga.com.