Dwell Yoga Studio in Frisco: Come As You Are

In Frisco, we're family-friendly, community-focused, sports-centric, and pro-business. And sometimes, we're downright drained.

In a community as full of opportunity as Frisco, many of us find ourselves “happily-hectic”. We're very happy to live here, but we're pulled, pushed, and at times, under enormous pressure to do all the things and be all the places.

We know that we need to take care of ourselves in body, mind, and spirit. But, oftentimes it feels as though in order to do that, something else important will have to be sacrificed. What if you could find strength, refuge, and grace all in the same breath?

Dwell Yoga Logo SquareDwell Yoga Studio seeks to provide a place of quiet refuge, where you can come as you are, practice yoga with highly qualified instructors, and connect with the Lord on your mat.

Dwell opened their doors in Frisco in October 2018 having decided early on that their business would be driven by three main pillars: “We are Christ-focused, Grace-filled, and Community-focused.”


Dwell believes that your yoga practice can be more than just poses that increase flexibility, mobility, and strength. It’s also an opportunity to connect with Christ on your mat.

All of their classes, regardless of whether they're gentle and restorative or hot and powerful, are Christ-centered – meaning they include the essential elements of yoga (breath work, meditation, and physical postures) with Christ as the focus of the intention and worship.


You won't find preachy instructors or Sunday-type sermons here. Instead, you'll find yourself being led through your practice by highly experienced teachers who just happen to love Jesus and yoga.

Owner of Dwell Yoga Studio, Maureen Beville, believes we can use the movement and the breath work of yoga to bring unity to our body, mind, and spirit.

Dwell Yoga Studio - Maureen BevilleIt’s in this union that we find stillness. And in this stillness, we can listen and be reminded not just who we are, but who we are in Christ.

Dwell Yoga is the only faith-based yoga studio in the Frisco/Plano/Dallas area. Maureen shared,

I experienced a Holy Yoga class several years ago that changed my approach to yoga, intertwining my faith with my practice. In yoga, you train the mind to be present and at peace, moving the body and preparing to bring it to a place of stillness. For me, I want those moments of peace, presence, and surrender to be done before the Lord.

My vision is that Dwell Yoga would provide a place of quiet refuge, where people can come and make their own dwelling place with the Lord on their mats.


All are welcome at Dwell Yoga, no matter what your level, age or faith tradition. Whether you’re looking for a hot vinyasa, or you’ve never set foot in a yoga studio before, you'll find Dwell Yoga to be a grace-filled setting. Maureen says,

When we come to our mats, we have the opportunity to just be, with no pretenses or judgments. Here, we can ponder our thoughts, lingering in the peace that's produced from the movement of our bodies and the stillness of our minds. And we can abide and settle into God’s love for us.

dwell-yoga-studio-1Dwell classes begin with a few minutes to settle into your mat, absorb the sweet worship music, and just…breathe.

If you've had a particularly tough day, maybe it's a time to let go of the day's burdens for an hour and meditate on the truth of God's love and goodness.

An experienced Dwell instructor will lead the classes with a scripture-based intention and a challenging practice, ending with the traditional savasana, and a closing prayer.

To the beginner? Come as you are. To the frazzled? Come as you are. Feeling less-than-beautiful today? Less-than-flexible? Tired? Maureen will tell you that whatever you're able to bring to your mat…it's enough.


Dwell Yoga has a dedicated focus on loving others and supporting our community. Every month they select a local charity to support, and every Saturday they provide donation-based classes that give 100% of proceeds to that charity.

Dwell Yoga 2019 - 5Not only does this allow them to provide yoga to those who can’t financially afford it (donations are “give what you can” anonymously) but they can support local organizations who have a heart for helping as well.

Benefitting non-profits thus far include Redeemed Women of Dallas, Frisco FastPacs, Make a Wish North Texas, Frisco Family Services, and Unlikely Heroes, among others.

As part of their give-back initiative, Dwell is planning a Stress Rx Workshop and a Hip Opener Workshop this summer (dates will be secured soon). Workshops are generally 2-2.5 hour events that occur on a Saturday.

Dwell Yoga 2019The Dwell team enjoys these sessions because they get to interact more with the class, creating a deeper sense of community, while presenting information or going deeper into the specified topic than possible in a 1 hour class.

Always looking for ways to support their clients' interests, earlier this year Dwell hosted an arm-balancing workshop, a health talk, and a 6-week Teen Yoga Series.

Classes and Schedules

Dwell Yoga provides a variety of classes and times to meet the diverse needs, interests, and abilities of their clientele. For those seeking the health benefits of a heated practice, they offer infrared heated classes (up to 85F).

dwell-yoga-studio-2Among their many class offerings (heated and non-heated) are Core Heat, Restorative, Gentle Flow, Power Yoga, Slow Burn, Soul Care, Vinyasa, Yoga Bootcamp, and classes for children/teens. Maureen shared,

We're adding some new classes to the schedule as part of our goal to offer styles and classes for all levels and abilities. This includes our hatha and yin/yang fusion classes. Hatha is great for both beginners and experienced yogis alike. Postures are held for longer periods of time to learn proper alignment and how to make poses work for different bodies.

This Season at Dwell Yoga Studio

This summer Dwell Yoga will host three camps, thoughtfully designed for ages 6+, teen athletes, and teen girls. Camps will emphasize themes such as empowering girls to stand bold in who they were born to be – reflecting the image of their Creator.

Dwell Yoga 2019 - 6Also, Maureen tells us that in addition to offering cute, Dwell-branded shirts, they're expanding the retail area with fun, on-trend, athletic wear from Athletique and Co.

Browse Dwell's current schedule and make plans to stop by for a little refuge and strength-building time on your mat. “Come as you are.”

Refer to Dwell's current class schedule.

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