Ellen Found the Best Insurance Salesman Ever

You know, Twitch, how you were asking me about insurance the other day? Yep Yeah

You said it's important to talk about insurance– medical insurance, home insurance, auto insurance? Absolutely Remember that? You said, why don't you talk about it more? Yep Yep Right I found a guy who's selling insurance but it's a bunch of other things

Here's– this is– you're going to be happy about this, because you're the one who kept saying, let's talk about it Here's this commercial Hi I'm Bert Jablonski Are you tired of expensive insurance that barely covers anything? Answer me

I offer low-cost insurance with maximum coverage Medical, life, homeowners– I don't do any of that I specialize in insurance no one else offers, like grandma motorcycle insurance [LAUGHTER] Thanks to me, the cost of the fence was covered Or maybe you need using a table as a diving board insurance

Here's an example of why you would need that [OOHING] With my insurance, they got a new table to dive off of And don't forget about my newest coverage, stripper pole insurance I think you know what's coming Show the stripper pole fail

[YELLING] She had full coverage but there was no damage to the stripper pole, which means it's not my problem Isn't it about time you have insurance you can count on? Say something when I ask you a question I'm doing you a favor, you disrespectful tree hugger Bert Jablonski Insurance Yeah

Yeah [APPLAUSE] Usually in the commercials, they ask you rhetorical questions He's actually angry that we're not answering them