Escaping the ‘BOARD’om at Countdown 2 Escape

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Bored yet?

The boardroom can certainly be all business, no pleasure. And most days, doodling and daydreaming your way through your boss’s explanation of smart goals just doesn’t cut it. Your mind needs a real break. Your staff needs a real escape.

So countdown the hours until you clock out and clock in to your personal and professional solution to fun: Countdown 2 Escape.

Countdown 2 Escape Frisco

Whether it be the boardroom or the classroom, Countdown 2 Escape’s purpose is to help you “escape” the ordinary. Located in the Rail District in Historic Downtown Frisco, Countdown 2 Escape is the perfect environment to help you unplug, connect, and engage with your friends, family, neighbors, or co-workers.

Unlocking More Than Just Mysteries and Clues

Through three themed Escape Rooms, Countdown 2 Escape offers a 60-minute group experience unlike any other. With an assigned personal Game Master—trained to ensure a fun and memorable time by providing room orientation and story, inspiration, and hints to guarantee success—you and your teammates navigate a series of clues, puzzles, and locks in an effort to complete the objectives.

Countdown 2 Escape is in its 3rd year of operation and is a locally owned and operated by Fred and Shannon Hammond, whose purpose is to help people “escape” the ordinary via best in class people, service, and experience.

It’s easy to see why Countdown 2 Escape is unlocking more than just mysteries and clues, it’s bringing bonding, team building, and beverages too.

Frisco TX Countdown 2 EscapeCountdown 2 Escape is a BYOB environment and can offer an array of food options to create an all-inclusive team building venue where all you have to do is show up. Another option is to take advantage of their location in the Rail District located in historic downtown Frisco. Downtown Frisco offers a great night out with a variety of local food and drink options in unique settings, most within walking distance.

A Place Where Communication is the Key to Escaping—and Bonding

Whether it’s a corporate party, or you need to escape mundane play dates with a Mom’s Night Out, the sleek black and white décor inside Countdown 2 Escape will make you want to cozy up and pop the champagne, celebrating with those love and those you want to know better.

Countdown 2 Escape

And if the kids want to celebrate too, Countdown 2 Escape has room (literally!) for them to join in the fun. Children’s parties are a popular event at Countdown 2 Escape and ages 10 and up are welcome to slice cake and sing before or after their room experience.

So if you’re stuck in that boardroom, being talked “at” rather than “to,” or you simply want to pull your teen out of the cyber world for a second, then stop by a place where communication is the key to escaping—and bonding. The Escape Room is an unplugged environment where communication, engagement, and problem solving occur, and as a result, new connections are formed and existing ones strengthened.

Sometimes the key to escape the mundane—and making lasting memories—is simply being in a room together.

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