Fall Flavors at Your Fingertips

Tis the season to be fall-y and I’m just the girl to bring it. While I’m a proud native Texan, I think I was supposed to have been born in Vermont. There’s nothing better than autumn weather, autumn clothes, and autumn activities.

Any Texan knows that when the weather cools, you better take advantage of it because it will end as abruptly as it arrived. Just as we go from 90 to 50 like we just saw a state trooper on the highway, so goes the weather in Texas.

Then, of course, it will be freezing. Literally. And then we might get a smidge of spring. It’s anyone’s guess.

So in the spirit of fully appreciating fall in Frisco, I invite you join me in getting fall-y. Sure, we could talk about the clothes, the home decor, the candles, and the pumpkin patches, but nothing says comfort on a cool autumn evening like fall’s signature flavors.

So I teamed up with our favorite Frisco foodie and Contributing Writer, Beauty From Burnt Toast, as well as Copper & Steel Table and Bar at the new Hyatt Regency Frisco-Dallas, to gather the best fall flavors for you.

First, let’s bring your fall flavor cocktail dreams to fruition.

Copper & Steel Table and Bar at Hyatt Regency Frisco-Dallas is featuring cocktails specially developed for my favorite season! While they welcome you to stop by, sip, and stay awhile, the hotel also wanted to give those that prefer to stay in the RECIPES to they can curl up by a fire in the comfort of their own home.

Click through this sip-tastic photo gallery and then grab the recipes below:

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Apple Cider Mule Not So Hot Toddy Side Car Spiced Pear Fizz 2 Copper Steel Bar

Copper & Steel Table & Bar, Hyatt Regency Dallas-Frisco

Apple Cider Mule

1.5 oz Tito’s Vodka
1.5 oz Apple Cider

Mix ingredients and top with Ginger Beer, garnish with a mint sprig and dehydrated apple slice.

Not So Hot Toddy

1.5 oz Havana Club Rum
0.5 oz Appleton Estate Rum
1.5 oz Apple Cider
0.5 oz Honey Ginger Syrup

Stir ingredients in a glass over sphere ice and garnish with an apple slice.

Spiced Pear Fizz

1.5 oz Dripping Springs Gin
0.5oz Appleton Estate Rum
1.25 oz Lemon Juice
1 oz Pear Simple Syrup
Egg White

Dry shake lightly for 5 seconds, fill shaker tin with ice and shake for 6 seconds until the tin is cold, double strain and garnish with a plum at the bottom of a glass.


2 oz Hennessy
0.75 oz Lemon Juice
0.75 oz Cointreau
0.5 oz Honey Ginger Syrup
Half of a Plum
Two Apple Slices

Place the half plum and two apple slices on the bottom of a shaker tin and mix all ingredients, fill with ice shaken and double strain into a martini glass.

Now, are you ready to fall hard for fall food?

Let’s pair your fall beverage with something delish. I went straight to the source, our resident food expert, Meaghan Dawson of Beauty From Burnt Toast — also a fellow lover of all things fall — to bring you some creative autumn dishes that will have you donning your favorite flannel in no time.

Beauty From Burnt Toast Creamy Sausage Kale Gnocchi Soup

Creamy Sausage, Kale, and Gnocchi Soup

Ready to cozy up on a cool night but tired of the same old stews and canned soups? This simple creamy sausage, kale and gnocchi soup is the answer. Meghan shares,

It’s so easy and fast you can have it on the table with zero fuss on a busy weeknight dinner. Yet it’s so comforting and delicious you’ll go back for more and more. It’s a close friend of my Italian Sausage and Tortellini Soup, but is more comforting and hearty with a creamy base. Perfect for cold nights.

— Meaghan Dawson, Beauty from Burnt Toast

Check out the recipe for Creamy Sausage, Kale, and Gnocchi Soup and let us know how you liked it.

Beauty From Burnt Toast Turkey Chili

Turkey, Black Bean, and Veggie Chili

You MUST have chili this season as many ways as you can spin it. Chili recipes are so versatile, they can be adapted to suit your preferences, and completely changed the next time to suit your other preferences. On the stove or in your slow cooker, I firmly believe even non-cooks can cook chili. Meaghan Dawson agrees with me:

Our fridge recently went on the fritz forcing me to get very creative in the kitchen, using up the veggies and meat we didn’t want going bad in a hurry. And from that came this beauty. The great thing about a good chili recipe is that it can easily be modified and changed up based on what you have on hand.

— Meaghan Dawson, Beauty From Burnt Toast

Check out her easy slow cooker veggie-filled turkey chili recipe and let us know how you liked it.

Apple Cider Cake Beauty From Burnt Toast

Apple Cider Cake with Salted Maple Buttercream

Pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin, all we ever hear about is pumpkin. Change it up with this Vermont-inspired apple cider cake. The words “salted maple buttercream” above should be all you need to hear to grab this recipe and get your mixer out. Meaghan shares,

This little Apple Cider Cake with Salted Maple Frosting is a 9×13 sheet pan of fall flavor. It’s simply delicious, there is no other way to state it.

— Meaghan Dawson, Beauty From Burnt Toast

Check out the recipe for Apple Cider Cake with Maple Buttercream and please, please, PLEASE tell us how you liked it.

And there you have it, Frisco. Fall flavors right at your fingertips. Enjoy, give our foodies a follow, and please share your favorite fall recipes in the comments.

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