Fill-A-Bin is the Ultimate Moving and Storage Life Hack

Frisco is a city on the move, both figuratively and literally.

We're an active, energetic, and dynamic community. We're the fastest-growing city in America, with an average of 37 new people moving to Frisco per day. At any given moment, Frisco has more than 1,000 homes for sale, with new residents flocking to our city from around the metroplex and around the country.

And even those of us already lucky enough to be living in Frisco are often on the move. We're upsizing, downsizing, renovating, and organizing. Grown kids are moving out, aging parents are moving in, and homes are constantly being updated and upgraded.

Those Dreaded Cardboard Boxes…

Moving and renovating usually fall under the category of “all’s well that ends well” once we finally settle happily into our new digs. But, during the process, the hassle is real. The packing, the unpacking, and all of those cardboard boxes.

fillabin_productsFortunately, moving in Frisco just got a lot of easier thanks to entrepreneur Andre Ketter. Mr. Ketter’s business, Fill-A-Bin, provides moving and storage solutions that are affordable, convenient, and eco-friendly. His innovative and straightforward business model is perfect for our busy, fast-paced city.

Let's learn more about how Mr. Ketter and his signature “big blue bins” are ready to change the way Frisco moves!

How Big Blue Bins Became a Booming Business

Fill-A-Bin rents durable plastic boxes and supplies for moving and organizing to both residential and commercial customers. The company, which has been in business for about two years, is a family-owned, local business with a personal, customized approach.

Mr. Ketter says the idea for Fill-A-Bin came from his family’s own moving experiences. They decided to turn their bad experiences into an innovative business idea.

After having moved several times, we realized there had to be a better, cost-effective way to transport our belongings safely. In the past, we spent so much money on cardboard boxes that failed to prevent our valuables from damage.  Then there was all the waste to the environment that resulted when having to breakdown the boxes to be discarded curbside.

They say necessity is the mother of invention. With that in mind, the idea of Fill-A-Bin was born. Rentable, reusable boxes that are large and sturdy, stack easily, protect our items, and are eco-friendly!

This is How Fill-A-Bin Can Help You

Fill-A-Bin is the ultimate moving and storage life hack. The Company’s simple, streamlined business model is perfectly designed to make one of life’s biggest hassles easier every step of the way.

When you have a moving or storage need, go to Fill-A-Bin’s user-friendly website (or give them a call). From there, you can simplify your life with just a few easy clicks. Mr. Ketter has thought of everything with his convenient, customized platform and user-friendly process.

fillabin_productsLet’s say you’re moving from one house in Frisco to another (you know, the one with the pool and the corner lot you’ve been eyeing for the past five years). Fill-A-Bin can help you get poolside faster (and with a lot fewer headaches). Here’s how it works:

1.   Go to Fill-A-Bin’s website
2.   Schedule a date
3.   Choose the pre-designed package that works for you
4.   Fill-A-Bin delivers boxes and supplies to your house
5.   You move
6.   Fill-A-Bin picks up all the boxes and supplies, leaving you to enjoy your new home!

As you can see, the basic process couldn’t be easier…and the details are even better! Fill-A-Bin’s thoughtfully designed model takes all the guesswork (and legwork) out of moving.

Here are just a few of the details you’ll love…

Convenient delivery and pickup. No more hassles purchasing supplies, running back to the store when you realized you didn’t get the right amount of boxes or disposing of all those empty cardboard boxes post-move. With Fill-A-Bin, the big blue bins arrive at your door neatly nested and are picked up as soon as you are finished.

Complete organization bundles. Fill-A-Bin offers complete moving packages that include all the supplies you’ll need and the appropriate number of bins. Supplies include the bins themselves, zip ties, labels, and even a moving cart for easy transport. All of these supplies are delivered right to your door.

Better still, Fill-A-Bin offers pre-designed packages for different home size needs, ranging from studio apartments to four-plus bedroom houses. You don’t have to worry about estimating how many bins you'll need (or paying for bins you don’t need). Fill-A-Bin also takes special requests and works with clients to customize packages.

The big blue bins themselves! Fill-A-Bins boxes are sturdy, durable, and easy to transport. They come in various sizes and all have attached, folding tops. The bins are easy to stack and far more effective than cardboard for protecting your belongings. They are also neat and uniform, which is particularly appealing for projects where the bins remain in your home for several months, like renovations and reorganizations.

Affordability and flexibility. With Fill-A-Bin’s customized approach, you can order just the bins and supplies that you will need. You can also rent them for different time horizons, ranging from a week to several months, depending on your project

Plus, you can feel good about yourself for making an eco-friendly choice!

Beyond the Standard Residential Move

Mr. Ketter notes that customers use Fill-A-Bin for a wide range of needs that go well beyond standard residential moves and renovations. Other uses include garage sales, moving kids to college, and staging homes to be sold.

Fill-A-Bin can even help you get organized (and who among us doesn’t need a little help in that department?) The Company offers two special “organization packages” that are ideal for cleaning out and decluttering spaces (think: the garage, the kids’ playroom, or the whole house). The larger eight bin package even comes with cue cards to help with your sorting and purging.

Also, the organization packages are rented for a longer period of time than the moving bundles, giving you plenty of bang for your buck.

fillabin_movingLooking into the future, Fill-A-Bin is continuing to expand and innovate to better meet the needs of Frisco families. In response to increased demand, college students are a current focus for Fill-A-Bin.

They're designing a custom package specifically for college students moving to/from campus, as well as bins for short term storage between semesters.

In the long term, Fill-A-Bin is looking to add moving truck rentals to further simplify the customer experience.

Frisco prides itself on “progress in motion” and as, Friscoites, we're always moving toward the next big idea. Andre Ketter combines all the best things about Frisco in his business. Fill-A-Bin reflects the community it serves – innovative, personal, and always moving forward to make life in Frisco even better.

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