Flex, Float, and Fly at Altitude Pole Fitness and Aeriel Arts

Altitude Aerial Arts and Pole Fitness

I was upside down in a contraption that felt a little like a super fancy cloth diaper, clinging to the fabric with claw-like hands and wondering how my life choices had led me here. Our instructor gently reminded me to “just let go”.

So I did. I pried my hands off that fabric and suspended by my lower body, letting my arms hang free. As my spine lengthened and the blood rushed to my head, I couldn’t help but laugh. What amazing relief! I was officially an aerial yoga convert.

You Don’t Need Wings to Fly

For those of us who won’t be doing handstands or headstands any time soon, aerial yoga gives you an opportunity to experience the benefits of inversion without all the pressure on your joints. Better posture, decreased back pain, improved circulation, improved brain function, and flexibility are just a few of the reasons to add inversion into your life. And if you’re a bit of a scaredy cat like me, you can rest easy… it’s a guarantee the fabric will hold you.

AlloyAltitudeFrisco resident and owner of Altitude Pole Fitness and Aeriel Arts Tricia Lauerman has made sure of that. The studio has been in business in Frisco since 2013 but in December 2017 they opened their own, custom-built studio. The 2,500 square foot space, located north of Main on Preston, is an aerial arts playground that features 18 foot ceilings and aerial specific flooring.

It’s OSHA safety certified and professionally rigged for the absolute highest level of safety possible. All of the equipment is professional, commercial grade, state-of-the-art, aerial-specific equipment. Depending on the apparatus, each point can hold between 5,000 – 10,000 pounds EACH.

Altitude client Judith Statham has experienced the benefits of aerial arts firsthand. ”

Due to a cervical injury a few years ago my physical therapist recommended that I avoid impactful activities and to try pilates or yoga. I’m not a lover of exercise so I was looking for something different. I’ve only taken the aerial yoga class but I love it! Like yoga, it is a wonderful stretch workout but with a spin, or actually a flip. Going upside down at first is a very odd feeling that took me a class or two to get used to. I feel so good once a class is over!

Goodbye Boring Workouts

And aerial yoga is only one of the many different classes they offer. Altitude has fun, effective circus-inspired fitness classes for everybody. Students can choose from more than 55 classes per week ranging from aerial yoga, aerial silks, pole fitness, lyra hoop, corde lisse (rope), and aerial sling. A new student can try four classes for just $49.

The schedule also features conditioning and flexibility classes, and don’t forget the children’s circus academy specifically designed for ages 5 to 13! Altitude can also host your private events, from kid’s birthday parties to private silks sessions and pole fitness bachelorette parties.

So go ahead, transform your fitness experience, explore your creative side, and “just let go”.