Frisco, Are You Ready to Conquer Your Fitness Goals?

Those days of being stuck in a big box fitness class with 40 or more people are ending. Craning your neck over all the people in the class to see what the trainer is performing… Wondering if your form is correct… Wishing you had some individual attention to be sure this will be worth your while.

Dr. John Dougherty understands that if a client is getting lost in the crowd, they're not likely to achieve the results they were hoping for.

After devoting over 10 years to the health, fitness, and rehabilitation industry, John gained substantial insight into the challenges consumers faced in a big box gym setting. He also noticed a growing need for more evidence-based protocols in the nutrition and fitness space.

He was inspired to launch Conquer Fitness and Performance, a small group strategy to optimize your commitment to health and fitness.

Conquer Your Fitness, Conquer Your Life

John holds a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology along with a Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy. He went on to become a Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Orthopedics in 2016. During that time, he worked with adults who suffer from musculoskeletal injuries as well as, pre and post-surgical patients.

Fitness workout tennis shoesOver the course of his 15+ years of experience, John noticed that many of his patient’s injuries, aches, and pains were a result of poor health habits.

John also observed amongst his patients an influx in sedentary lifestyles which wreak havoc on the body. Desk jobs, weekends spent comfy on the couch, and long commutes to the office cause your body to become misaligned.

In fact, they can sabotage your workouts all together causing you to wind up injured when starting a new exercise routine.

He also observed that many of his patients were struggling with their weight, lacked the energy and motivation to exercise, or felt lost in over-populated exercise classes.

The Solution

To remedy large group fitness failures, John designed a gym setting that offers small group sessions which place an emphasis on personalized training. The beauty of Conquer’s concept is that you can get a similar experience to customized one-on-one training in a small group but without the expensive price tag that you would ordinarily pay for a private trainer.

By capping the classes out at 12 people it creates an individualized experience and helps to ensure Conquer’s clients have correct form to safely work out.

Conquer Fitness

Why It Works

First, since you can’t out-train poor eating habits, John opted to incorporate nutrition coaching as part of Conquer’s gym membership. Every client receives a comprehensive nutrition plan that teaches members how to create a healthy and balanced diet.

The plan is not designed like a restrictive fad diet but as a sustainable approach to nutrient-rich food options. The plans are updated and tweaked every 30 days to ensure continual progress toward each client’s goal.

Conquer Fitness

Second, members receive a one-on-one Medical History and Injury Assessment. Every client is provided a private session with John, where he reviews any injuries, surgeries, or aches and pains that you might have. This helps John to identify body imbalances that could impair or cripple your workout.

For example, sitting for extended periods of time shortens hip flexors and causes the spine to overextend creating an improper form when running and lifting weights. Based on John's assessment he'll teach you how to modify exercises when participating in Conquer classes.

What to Expect at Conquer

Every class at Conquer Fitness is a 60-minute full body sweat session. There will be no doubt that you worked out today!

kettlebell fitnessDuring the first 15 minutes, the trainer will review detailed instructions about the workout of the day. They'll review form and explain which muscles you're exercising. It's kind of like a fitness 101, which ultimately, could be life-changing.

Then, you're separated into stations for 45-minute workouts. Clients will be at each station for a set period of time before rotating to the next station which offers a different set of movements to perform. This training system allows you to get a lot of individualized attention and to train at your own pace.

Conquer FitnessSmall groups also enable newbies and advanced clients to work out side by side in the same class, and for each person to have a tremendous workout that is tailored to their current fitness level.

Conquer offers five unique styles of fitness classes that focus on different aspects of fitness. The sessions are designed to allow the client to get tremendous training results in as little as 3 days per week.

Boot Camp

If you’re looking for a bootylicious backside this is the perfect class for you! The HIIT session offers a dynamic warm-up followed by functional movements that are performed at a fast pace where you’ll utilize your own body-weight along with free weights.

Cardio Core

Cardio lovers, this class will get your ticker pumping and build stamina. The session offers a blend of abdominal and core strengthening exercises with interval training performed on cardio machines. Don’t underestimate the benefits of this class. You need strong trunk muscles in order to breathe properly, stabilize the spine, rotate hips and glutes, and to squat.

Recovery Flow

Consider this class similar to your active rest day. The session incorporates flexibility and range of motion movements, light cardio, and select yoga poses to keep you injury free and performing at your highest fitness level.

Total Power

Weight lifters this has your name written all over it! The session offers free weights and plate loaded machines to increase muscle and improve functional strength.

Total Body Strength

Conquer might just have a niche on the market with this particular class. Due to the small class sizes, you won’t be lost on how to work the machines or use proper form. John, or one of his qualified instructors, will work with you on their state of the art Matrix circuit machines. The class is designed to target all major muscle groups in a single 45-minute session.

Next on the Horizon

Because John has a background working as a physical therapist and athlete, he feels passionate about helping youth athletes improve their performance and stay injury-free. He'll soon launch a small group training for young athletes. The training will be primarily focused on boys and girls in middle school and high school looking to run faster, jump higher, and perform better in their sport!

Conquer Fitness LogoIf you have a child in sports or are a coach and would like to set up a free strength and speed seminar for your team, please contact John via email or phone.

If you're ready to Conquer your fitness goals injury-free check out the founder rates that are available for a limited amount of time. It’s a steal of a deal! To schedule a class, visit their website.

Conquer Fitness and Performance

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