Frisco, Are You Ready to Rock Your Ride?

The unpredictable Texas weather means that on any given morning, you could awake to a thunderstorm, blazing heat, or sleet.

It's far easier to stay in your comfy bed than to jump out of bed for a run or a bike ride! (Add to that several glasses of vino the night before and your motivation could be nonexistent…)

Luckily, for those days when you feel less-than-motivated for one reason or another, CycleBar Frisco has indoor, energizing classes that are designed to motivate, awaken the body, and help you reach your fitness goals.

The Cali-inspired spin boutique offers invigorating, tailored rides for all fitness levels with accountability built right in.

Gear Up, Jump On, and Get Moving

Located at Eldorado and the North Dallas Tollway, the studio is convenient for those of you who want to get it done early before the workday grind. Post-workout and a quick shower, you can easily hop onto the Tollway and be in the office with energy and motivation to tackle your day.

CycleBar Frisco 2If rising at the crack of dawn isn't your thing (me neither!) consider one of CycleBar’s other class times, available seven days a week.

The Classic Ride has something for everyone with a rocking mix of strength, endurance, challenges, hills, and drills. Add another layer of fun at one of their themed classes, like Wine down Wednesday (sign me up, please!) or a 90's Rock Throwback Party Thursday!

There's no chance for monotony.

The CycleBar Experience

A typical cycling session is 45 minutes and will include flat road, resistance, hill, and drill work taught by an enthusiastic CycleStar. Equal parts educator, coach, motivator, and a friend, CycleStar instructors aspire to help you improve your performance and reach your goals one ride at a time.

CycleBar merchandiseUnlike some spin studios where the front row is reserved for members only, CycleBar's 50 bikes are open to all; first come, first serve via online signup.

Another benefit of signing up in advance? Built-in accountability for those days when you'd rather hibernate under the covers than exercise.

To customize the workout for your personal fitness level, you can add resistance with a crank of the knob found below the handlebars.

The Power of Pedaling

Let’s face it, exercise is a must if you plan to be healthy and, as I like to say, “age with grace”. The beauty of indoor cycling? Unlike other forms of exercise, cycling will protect your joints.

Think of an indoor cycling class as your new lifelong friend! It’s one of the few exercises that you can start early on in life and continue into your senior years. Cycling offers the cardio benefits of a high-intensity workout but without the hard impact or pounding that could aggravate the ankles, knees, and hips.

CycleBar Frisco 3You'll gain lower body strength in those hammies, quads, and glutes while building strength and endurance. Best of all? You'll burn between 300-600 calories per sweat session.

Beyond avoiding the unpredictable Texas weather, another benefit to indoor cycling is never worrying about traffic, distracted drivers, and pedestrians.

During each class you can to focus on your personal goals with cues provided by the instructor.

CycleBar FriscoBonus: When you walk through the doors of CycleBar Frisco you’re met with the studio's red-themed design. An intentional choice, red is an energizing and positive color associated with our physical needs of survival. Think strength, power, ambition, and motivation!

Red is also considered a color of physical movement and awakening. That sluggish sensation you may feel in the morning or after a long day? CycleBar’s red motif aspires to get you moving.

A Few Tips to Help You Rock Your Ride

Owner of CycleBar Frisco, Amber Hagstrom, shared some helpful tips to make cycling easier.

  • Your seat should be level with your hip crease.
  • The handlebars are for a little bit of support but not for collapsing into, so focus on keeping your chest up and facing forward. Draw the shoulders down your upper back.
  • Keep a slight bend in the elbows.
  • On the downward stroke of your leg, the knee should have a slight bend and not be locked out or completely straight.

All new riders will be outfitted with shoes and will have their bike adjusted by a CycleStar.

If you’re ready to feel the power of the pedal, check out CycleBar Frisco’s schedule today! First class is on the house!

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