Frisco ISD Lending Library and Sanctuary Offers Free Resources

It all started with a Frisco parent asking a simple question in the fall of 2013.

“Does Frisco ISD have parenting books or resources that can be lent out to parents?”

Over the course of the subsequent months, a plan was put in place, a location was solidified, and the Frisco Education Foundation provided $700 to give the Frisco ISD Lending Library and Sanctuary a running start.

Frisco ISD parents and teachers have access to an incredible amount of resources available for checkout for two week periods from the Lending Library and Sanctuary (LL&S) during the school year.

When a parent finds out that their child has a disability, it can be a lonely process that often mimics grieving. Googling “autism” and “ADHD” leads to resources but they can feel disconnected from our day to day and don’t take into account the unique needs of the child’s specific circumstances. Parents need a place to go and someone to talk to.

Then, once the school is on board and things seem to be going well there, it doesn’t always translate to home.

The Lending Library is ready to provide support and inspiration.

More than a Library… A Sanctuary

The goal of the Parent Sanctuary and Lending Library is to provide a positive environment where parents can receive guidance and support for their home environment for children ages 3-22 and adults who just need a bit of guidance.

Frisco ISD Lending Library

Want to buy a $300 weighted blanket but don’t know if it will work for your child? Borrow one from the LL&S.

Having issues with potty training? Borrow a book or grab helpful pre-printed guides.

Is your Gifted and Talented child’s anxiety frustrating you? GT resources are abundant along with anxiety books geared towards the student or parent.

Need to create a schedule or visual guide for your child? LL&S will make it with you, print it out on the color printer, then laminate it and send it home with you.

Resources from A to Z

There are over 30 labeled topics in the library with my personal favorites being: sleep, health and safety, visual impairments, bullying, toddlers, ADHD, anxiety, social skills, friendships, dyslexia, body and sexuality, money, death, divorce, and general parenting. And that’s just a small fraction of the vast amount of topics that are covered in this library! (They even have a book on Danish parenting!)

The resources for checkout include educational games, parenting books, activities, sensory items, flexible seating, body bags, flashcards, social scripts, fun games, conversation starter games, teaching tools, auditory calming sets, board books, and so much more. Colleen Kugler, In-Home/Parent Trainer for Frisco ISD shared,

This is such a powerful resource to give families support, hope and connection in the district. It’s such an integral piece in nurturing and educating the whole child. We could never run the library without our Lending Library Angel Volunteers who are there to help parents every Monday and Wednesday. We have 5 volunteers who share the time and they are amazing!

books readingAs I sat on the squishy, lovingly named Jeff West Couch, I understood just how incredible this hidden gem is, and how much potential it holds. In the 2017-2018 school year, 272 parents took advantage of the space and they’re looking to double the number of parents that they provide help to in this next year. I truly hope they reach this goal. At the very least, I encourage parents to stop by to grab a coffee, a book, and to sit on what might be the squishiest couch in the world.

Ongoing Support

As a parent, we have questions and it’s incredible to know that Frisco ISD has a support system readily in place for everyone ages three to 29-again.

In May of 2018 LL&S received its first donation of $250 from Smith Elementary. If you have the means to help, the LL&S would be pleased to receive your old games or gently used books for teachers, parents, or students.

In the meantime, I am eyeing to borrow the Calming/Relaxation CD’s to help my high school students (or myself!) find a moment of zen.

In addition to the Lending Library, FISD offers a tremendous number of resources for parents, including home visits, sensory strategies, futures planning, and regular parent training sessions. Take advantage of the District’s sincere interests in supporting parents and students, and don’t hesitate to ask for what you need.

early-childhood-school frisco isdThe Basics

  • What: Parent Sanctuary and Lending Library
  • Where: Frisco ISD Early Childhood School – 10330 Red Cedar Dr. Frisco, TX 75035
  • When: Monday/Wednesday 9-2 with volunteer Angels; Friday 9-2 with Parent Trainers
  • How: Go through the front doors, check-in at the office, and head on back to the sanctuary.

If you’d like to donate gently used resources or make a monetary donation to the Lending Library, please bring them to the office of the Early Childhood School, or contact one of the district’s in-home / parent trainers to have the items picked up from your home: Colleen Kugler: [email protected] 469-633-6919 / Kristin Foster: [email protected] 469-633-6940 / Kimberly Goushey: [email protected] 469-633-6805 ext 76963

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