Frisco ISD will not have a rezoning process for the 2019-20 school year

During the Frisco ISD board of trustees meeting Monday night, Deputy Superintendent of Business and Operations Todd Fouche said because of the significant rezoning done last year that affected 26 schools, the district would not go through the rezoning process this year.

“[Last year] we really focused on utilizing space at existing facilities, and this is the first time in 20 years we’re not actively building anything,” Fouche said during the meeting. “We hope through last year’s process that some of these zones will hold for a couple of years.”

However, Fouche said the district is still experiencing rapid growth; there are a few schools that the district will watch closely as the year progresses.

Fouch said the district might have to use the available space at nearby schools to help relieve schools that may become overcrowded.

If this does occur, district staff would suggest to the board to close the crowded schools to new enrollment, and the new students would then attend a nearby school that has not reached capacity.

“But we’re kind of in a wait and see for that, and right now our schools look really good for next year,” Fouche said.