Frisco School of Music and Performing Arts Inspires a Love for the Arts

Growing up, didn’t we all dream about being rock stars? It would probably be a little embarrassing to quantify exactly how much time most of us spent mastering air guitar riffs or lip-syncing in the mirror with hairbrush microphones. We were living on a prayer with Bon Jovi, striking poses with Madonna, and jamming out with Eddie Vedder. We loved the hair bands, the divas, the grunge gods, and the pop princesses.

child music guitar 2Discovering the power of music is one of the most magical aspects of growing up – finding the artists that speak to you, inspire you, or just make you want to dance like no one's watching.

All of us can relate to the journey of “finding music” but there’s too often a disconnect when it comes to actual performance and training. Contrast the nostalgic good vibes of your childhood rockstar fantasy with the real memories of your childhood music lessons. I’m guessing words like “boring”, “tedious”, and “my mom made me” are probably popping into your mind.

All too often, kid’s experiences with musical training are heavy on theory and technical proficiency but short on the fun and magic that makes us all love music in the first place.

Happily, the Frisco School of Music and Performing Arts understands the importance of both elements and has created a program that both teaches and inspires. The school combines top professional instructors and time-honored methods with inventive and creative experiences.

The result is a program where kids learn, have fun, gain confidence, and develop a lifelong love for the arts.

Nurturing Talent for Nearly Two Decades

For over 18 years, the Frisco School of Music and Performing Arts has joyfully introduced Frisco children to musical and artistic study. The school teaches a wide variety of instruments as well as acting, art, and musical theater. General Manager Cassie Baker sums up the mission of the school:

We help families build life-long skills and memories through music, arts lessons, and classes, in a convenient and professional setting with excellent customer service.

Consider these impressive stats:

  • Frisco School of Music and Performing Arts has been teaching Frisco families for more than 18 years.
    During this time, the School has served over 11,000 families.
  • Currently, over 1,200 students take lessons at the School.
  • Frisco School of Music and Performing Arts has the largest and most qualified teaching faculty in Frisco, with over 45 teachers. All teachers have University training and/or professional performance experience.
  • The campus is more than 15,000 square feet with 33 teaching studios, including a state-of-the-art performance hall with professional lighting sound, and video.
  • Classes are offered 7 days a week to best fit the busy schedules of Frisco families.
  • Various programs are available for students age 3 to adult. The school’s expansive offerings make it easy for families to take multiple classes on the same day.
  • Students have the opportunity to perform in more than 19 yearly events in music, rock school band, acting, art, and musical theater.

So, you wanna be a rock star?

Sure, the numbers are impressive, but what really sets Frisco School of Music and Performing Arts apart are the experiences. The School’s premier program is the wildly popular Rock School Band. This unique program has been a smashing success.

It provides a one-of-a-kind total music experience for kids at all skill levels. From beginners to advanced students, everyone can rock out! The bands are small in size (no more than six students) so that each student is featured. The highlight of the program is performing in two huge shows each year.

These “Band Blowouts” take place on the School’s main stage, complete with full lights, cameras, audio, live broadcast, and red carpet photo ops!

The Rock School Band combines weekly private lessons focusing on the child’s chosen instrument with weekly band rehearsal led by a professional coach. Basic music theory concepts are also taught using examples from songs the bands are playing.

The program seamlessly blends serious, professional instruction with serious fun. Rock Band School gives kids a truly once in a lifetime experience and a great foundation for musical performance and appreciation. (Offerings are available for 2nd-12th grade).

A Star is Born!

(or 1,200 stars each year, in this case)

Frisco School of Music makes it easy for students to find their passion, whether it be a rock band or another type of performance. The school teaches all types of music (think pop, contemporary, Disney, rock, chart hits, jazz, blues, classical, opera, heavy metal – you name it!).

Lessons are offered in piano, violin, drums, guitar, voice, musical theater, dance, and fine arts. Frisco School of Music truly has something for everyone – from fine arts preschool programs to advanced adult classes (and everything imaginable in between).

Every class is thoughtfully designed to integrate theory and academic methods with a great sense of fun. They understand children – how to teach them and how to inspire them to love learning.

For example, the School’s latest project is introducing a new pre-ballet curriculum through its dance department (for students aged 3-7). The classes will teach pre-ballet skills (complete with French terminology) through fairy tale stories about princesses from around the world. Doesn’t that sound like every little girl’s dream?

child music guitar 3Frisco School of Music’s approach is unique. It doesn’t skip the serious stuff in an effort to be “fun”, but rather creates a genuinely captivating experience by integrating genuine learning with creative, age-appropriate approaches. As a result, kids are usually too busy enjoying themselves to even realize they're building lifelong foundational skills in performance and appreciation.

The School also has an intentional emphasis on performance and offers a myriad of opportunities, ranging from intimate solos to full-on rock concerts. While no student is pressured to perform, all are encouraged through a variety of relaxed and fun venues.

The School's laid back “coffee house” music shows are very popular (and a great alternative to the stiff, nerve-racking annual “recitals” we all remember growing up). At Coffee House, students have the opportunity to showcase their talents to friends and family in a warm, intimate setting.

Other fantastic performance opportunities include Group Student Performance Week, Celebration of the Arts Variety Show, Adult Student Musical, and Music Fest. These performances are vital for building self-esteem and celebrating artistic achievement.

While a few of these students will hopefully go on to careers in musical performance, each and every one can take with them the confidence and self-worth they’ve gained participating in these unique events.

Founded with a Focus on Family

Building confidence and artistic appreciation were two key goals owner Chris Duncan had in mind when he founded Frisco School of Music and Performing Arts in 2000.

child violinChris had been a successful independent piano teacher for many years and wanted to find a way to organize lesson experiences for families. He wanted to make it easy for parents to see progress and self-confidence in their child while attending fun weekly lessons and exciting performances.

After years of steady growth (and expanding to two buildings), the FSMPA Center opened to host all of its many yearly memorable and motivating performances. Cassie notes that the community has helped foster the growth of the school saying, “Our Frisco community is so supportive of education and life-changing activities for their families.”

The Frisco School of Music and the Performing Arts understands what motivates families – seeing their children grow, achieve, gain confidence, and develop lifelong skills and artistic appreciation. They also understand the practical needs of families and have designed an organization that makes sense in our busy community. Cassie notes the school differentiates itself with its convenient approach.

We're open seven days a week and can schedule multiple family members at convenient times for busy students. Also, our school members have an all-inclusive yearly membership opportunity with no additional fees piling up here and there – and [families] absolutely love it. All books and materials, scripts/supplies, costume rentals are included, complimentary tickets to all yearly shows (over 19+), judged events with medals and certificates, again all included with a yearly membership.

Frisco School of Music and Performing Arts is continuing to grow and is currently seeking additional instructors. Cassie adds,

We're very selective, looking for teachers who can motivate students and make learning fun, plus of course have specific artistic background in their field. Piano, guitar, voice, violin, drums, art, acting, dance and musical theatre professionals can contact us for an appointment to learn about our school and the opportunities for them to contribute!

What are you waiting for?

Frisco School of Music and Performing Arts 500xResearchers agree that learning to play an instrument improves test scores, helps students with higher math achievement, builds self-confidence, improves coordination and problem-solving, and increases fine motor development.

These are all important reasons why most parents want their children to take lessons in the arts. Kids, on the other hand, just want to have fun!

Frisco School of Music and Performing Arts brings it all together in one truly amazing place.

Whatever other achievements or accomplishments result, you can be sure participation in the arts will add to the richness and fullness of your children’s lives. And who knows? They may end up being rock stars, after all!

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