Frisco’s fearlessHOPE Offers Hope to Visually-Impaired Children

When one of the most precious moments in your life becomes one of the most frightening…you need hope.

For Frisco residents Dallas and Chris Fears, they know first-hand the need for a community of support when faced with a challenge that leaves you feeling helpless and overwhelmed.

“On March 15, 2011, our second child, Finley Ann Fears, was born. After Finley’s arrival, the nurses took her to the nursery so we could rest. We were in a peaceful bliss for about four hours until our pediatrician gave us the devastating news. Finley was blind.”

Over the next several years, Finley underwent anesthesia dozens of times for surgeries and post-operative exams. She has endured numerous blood draws, X-rays, hundreds of doctor's appointments, and too many eye drops to count.

Finley defied the odds and was blessed with sight in her left eye. Now, while she's a happy seven-year-old, running, playing and enjoying time with friends, she continues ongoing medical care to preserve her sight in that eye.


Although the Fears family was surrounded by supportive family and friends, they still felt alone in their journey because no one they knew had walked in their shoes before. In 2015, they felt led by God to create fearlessHOPE as a platform for families to share encouragement, resources, and most of all HOPE, with other families in similar circumstances.

The organization began with the dedicated support of neighbors and close friends and has since developed a large community of donors, volunteers, and relationships with organizations all over the world who are working to deliver hope and resources to the visually impaired.

Kids FearlessHopeWhen you talk to Dallas Fears, it's evident from where she gains her hope. She is firm in her faith, giving God all of the glory for the sight her daughter has today. Her efforts to grow fearlessHOPE are not only to make a tangible impact on the lives of children and their families but to share God's love, healing, and comfort.

“They told me my daughter would not ever be able to see…and she does. You’ve got to have God to deal with this… That's why FearlessHOPE is a community of prayer, first and foremost. When someone reaches out to fearlessHOPE for support, the first thing we do is call them and pray with them. We believe hope in God is bigger than fear.”

Families who reach out to fearlessHOPE receive various kinds of support. Maybe they're facing infant surgery or they've just received a devastating diagnosis. The fearlessHOPE community comes alongside the families, offering resources, finances, or simply emotional encouragement if that's what they need at the time.

“We've received calls from as far away as Russia,” said Dallas. “Families simply seeking support, encouragement, or direction to resources.”

The 4th Annual Race2Vision

The fourth annual Race2Vision organized by fearlessHOPE will take place on Saturday, April 6, 2019 at Wakeland High School track, located at 10700 Legacy Drive in Frisco. There's a 5K race at 8:15 am, followed by Family Fun Day activities and a “Laps for Little Ones” at 9:30am.

Race2Vision 2019

Registration for the Timed 5K is $35.00 and includes one entry to the Family Fun Day. Other options include the timed 1-mile race for $25, or simply register for the Family Fun Day, which includes the Laps for the Little Ones, a bounce house, carnival games, face painting, snow cones, cotton candy, and more!

“Our annual Race2Vision is proof that our community of families has hope beyond vision,” said Chris Fears, co-founder of fearlessHOPE.

All proceeds from the race will go towards helping families of visually impaired children find the necessary resources, support and financial aid for medical care and expenses through the fearlessHOPE organization. At the 2018 race, $15,000 was raised to help families in need of support ($9,000 the previous year).

It's a highly family-friendly event, with a sweet spirit of love, encouragement, community, and…of course, an attitude of fearless hope.

“In Frisco, what we've seen time and time again,” said Dallas, “is that whether someone has kids with a special challenge such as this one, or not, families here are generous in spirit and eager to support these children.”

One of the most important aspects of the Race2Vision is the opportunity to help the community understand that vision impairment and loss is more prevalent than people realize. Raising awareness and acknowledgment of these kids is a priority, as is inviting more people to be a part of the cause. 

fearlessHOPEThe World Health Organization estimates that globally, 19 million children are visually impaired, with 1.4 million of these children having irreversible blindness.


On Saturday, April 6, Child Visual Impairment and Blindness Awareness Day will be observed by the City of Frisco during FearlessHOPE’s Race2Vision!

We believe that this recognition will bring even more attention to the prevalence of this disability and the extreme financial as well as emotional challenges faced by the children and families it effects.

We hope you will join us at the Race2Vision to experience with us a reading of the Proclamation by Frisco Mayor Jeff Cheney for this exciting and special day!

Register NOW!

Join fearlessHOPE

fearlessHOPE annual gala

fearlessHOPE is fearlessly extending hope to children who are experiencing visual challenges.

There are a variety of ways to get involved. Attend the Race2Vision, become a sponsor, and Save the Date for their annual Gala November 2, 2019 at The Star in Frisco! 

Give the gift of HOPE by making a donation, or contact the organization for personal support or other inquiries.


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