Fuego Kitchen Offers Casual, Flavorful Tex Mex in Frisco

Your attention, please! Have you tried that fantastic little Tex-Mex venue in Frisco called Fuego Kitchen yet? If not, you’re missing out on some yummy food cooked with passion, heart, and soul by Iranian born Hamid Heydari.

If you’re like me you’re probably wondering why an Iranian guy would want to cook and open a Tex-Mex restaurant versus a venue featuring Iranian fare. As you might’ve guessed, there's a unique story there…

In 1977, Hamid came to the United States and one of the first eatery’s he tried was Annie’s Santa Fe located at Greenville Avenue and Park Lane in Dallas. He had an enchilada and absolutely loved it. Hamid stated,

I remember thinking to myself if I ever open a restaurant it will be this type of food.

Annie’s Santa Fe was a popular Tex-Mex restaurant during the ‘80s and ‘90s, known for their edible bowls, burritos, deep fried tacos, etc. You may even remember the Dallas location Hamid referenced! I remember them from my years living in Kansas City and always assumed they were only a local restaurant. Little did I know!

After 40 years of working in the restaurant industry coupled with his love of Tex-Mex cuisine, Hamid launched Fuego Kitchen located at 8049 Preston Road, Ste. 300 in Frisco. Although the restaurant has only been open for a few months they're quickly becoming known for their carnitas, and other delicious entree options.


Calling all pork lovers! If you’ve never tried carnitas (or ‘little meats’) Fuego Kitchen sets the bar pretty high. Hamid seasons and slowly cooks the pork overnight which results in savory, tender and juicy meat. The meat will make your mouth water with each bite. Carnitas can be enjoyed in a bowl, burrito, and tortillas or on nachos. So many options to choose from – you’ll have to try carnitas every way they come!


Fuego Kitchen 5When you get a hankering for chips and salsa, Fuego Kitchen will also satisfy that craving. Their spicy salsa is made with roasted tomatoes and garlic. Then it goes through a cooling process where it's stored in the refrigerator for 24 hours. The next day the tomatoes and garlic are turned into a salsa bursting with flavor. Yum! Another favorite on their menu is the Green Salsa. This is a milder salsa made with green tomatoes and avocados.

Line up!

Similar to other quick service restaurants, you'll go through a line where you build your entrée by first choosing whether you fancy a burrito, burrito bowl, tacos, or nachos. The second step is to choose from a wide array of meats and/or veggies.

Fuego Kitchen has enough options to satisfy a pescatarian, carnivore, or vegetarian by offering steak, chicken, ground beef, veggies, blackened salmon, and carnitas. Follow this by adding your choice of toppings (e.g. cheese, guacamole, sour cream, etc.) if you desire.

Fuego Kitchen 3I love the assembly line process at Fuego Kitchen and other dining establishments because it allows you to choose what you're putting into your entrée and control the portion size along with the calories.

I'm not a fan of a taco or burrito that resembles a gut bomb loaded with a whole day's (or maybe two) worth of calories. But if that's your thing, then have the server load it up!

Another added bonus to the assembly line? You don’t have to ask for items to be withheld or added, possibly irritating your server. And you can quickly order quality food over a lunch break or when you're in a hurry versus a traditional style sit-down venue where you might feel rushed.

If you want to enjoy a meal in Frisco where it will feel like an extended part of your family’s kitchen, try Fuego Kitchen, where owner Hamid views people as a guest in his home. You might even get to meet Hamid because he works in his venue 7 days a week (introduce yourself and tell him we sent you). Dine-in, carry-out, or have food catered – you’ll be glad you did!

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