Full Coverage Auto Insurance Explained

Thank you for joining me my name is Ara Muradyan from Calico Insurance and I want to help explain the meaning of full coverage auto insurance Now the term full coverage means different things to different people but in the insurance industry there is no term called full coverage, and I can help prove this to you by getting your current declaration page where it lists all the coverages that you currently have and in there you will see different liability limits you'll see different deductible amounts but you will not see something called "full coverage" that's because full coverage doesn't exist but when you bought your vehicle and if it was financed the salesperson may have asked you to have full coverage on your auto insurance

That's because they want the value of the vehicle to be covered in case something happens to it That part of the coverage is called physical damage coverage which includes the collision and comprehensive coverages They don't care what liability you have, they don't care if you have rental car reimbursement or if you're injured in that accident have medical payments, they don't carry about anything else other than physical damage coverage Now I hope I helped explain what full coverage term really means and if you have any questions and like us to review your policy go ahead and call us or go on our website and we'll be glad to do that for you