Have Your Cookie Dough and Eat it Too

When I woke up this morning, I shocked myself to find perfectly clean, hung-up, jeans in my closet.

I’m typically a straight up ‘over the bedside chair’ kinda gal, (#SorryNotSorry) and I’ve been known to use the freezer trick to kill the germs but keep the fit (#WinterWeight), so I was pumped. Starting the day off as a legit adult is a rare and glorious occurrence for me.

And this, on the day of all days: the day I get to interview and sample the goodies from The Dough Dough!


Photo courtesy of The Dough Dough

I’d been fasting since the night before, and despite being a little light-headed and SUPER irritable, I was totes ready. But then, yeah…reality clapped back right at me: They may be clean, but they’ve also been in the (dum dum duuuummmmmmm) DRYER.

“What the actual!” I chide myself. How am I supposed to wear dryer jeans to eat cookie dough? How am I supposed to wear dryer jeans and drive?! Oh, Lord…

You’re probably wondering, “Why not just wear something else?” Well, it’s really simple: The two women I was scheduled to meet (The Dough Dough Founder/Owner Gina Ginsburg and The Y Group PR guru Joanne Yurich) are savvy, smoke-show, business bombshells, and I wanted to look the part too! It had to be my white Ralph Lauren single-breasted wool coat over my jeans and cream-colored sweater, OR I WASN’T GOING. 

I look at my watch and notice I need to leave soon, so it’s dryer jeans or bust. I also begin to wonder: why does my phone say it’s going to take 30 minutes to get there? I abruptly ignore my question, and find a place to lie down…these were 1980’s-level dryer denim.

I’m finally zipped, so I gather up my purse and notebook, and pray that when I sit in my minivan, my pants don’t rip apart at the seams. Early to everything, I arrive about 9:50 AM, and begin to chat with Alfredo, the location manager and genuinely joyful person, while I wait for Gina and Joanne.

He looks at me like he’s just as confused as I am, that he didn’t know I’d be coming. And then he gets a phone call.

“Gina wants you to call her,” he says, and I immediately assume it’s to say she’s running behind, but the look on his face and the pieces finally falling into place around me… And my stomach drops. And I figure it out. 

ASIDE: Dear Everyone, Don’t let your smartphone use their own ‘intelligence’ to locate your appointments. Go back to your email and CONFIRM your location, or, you’ll end up 19 miles away from your true destination. YUP – I went to the Preston Hollow location, or wherever 75230 is. It’s not like I write for Lifestyle FRISCO or anything. I blame the fasting. 

I call Gina and word vomit an apology that I can’t remember, and haul butt into my van. “Siri – The Dough Dough Frisco” I yell.

Cookie Dough Dreams Do Come True

I make my way over to 3311 Preston Road in the Frisco Bridges development. I haven’t been able to take a full breath since I got dressed and it feels like the jeans are actually getting tighter by the minute, and now I’m just wondering if I should just give up. But then, a sudden burst of luck! I notice The Dough Dough immediately and pull into a parking spot. 

I leap out and rush for the door. Sitting inside waiting (patiently, thank God) are Gina and Joanne looking perfectly poised and beautiful. I adjust the front of my coat, and silently pray the button from my jeans doesn’t pop off and hit one of them in the head.

Close-up of Gina Ginsburg

The Dough Dough Founder Gina Ginsburg

We immediately begin chatting, and praise be for the recorder function on my phone, because once I took my first deep breath inside this little spot of heaven, I legit didn’t hear a word anyone said. It’s what I imagine the air smells like in every Disney movie. 

“Why cookie dough?” I eagerly ask, shamelessly my mouth watering. “Why not?” Gina cleverly responds.


She goes into the history of the concept. Launched in March 2018, The Dough Dough serves up safe-to-eat raw, cookie dough and cookie-dough based desserts.

I’m straining to pay attention, but all I hear iscookie dough blah blah, treats yada yada” like the voice from all the Peanuts movies. My stomach is growling, and the voice inside my head is screaming, “COOKIES!!!!” and I’m almost in tears because my pants hurt so bad and it’s only gonna get worse in a few more minutes. 

Despite my fat kid mental meltdown, my brain checks back in briefly, when Gina mentioned a unique source of inspiration for new flavors, “The Middle East,” she reveals. I’m sorry, what?! Gina adds,

They are very forward thinking when it comes to dessert concepts. (I get) lots of inspiration from several companies that I follow over there.

We chat more about research and development, and their ongoing business plan, but honestly: You have Google. You can even hit me up for the links. I’m just SO READY to talk about the dough, yo! (And I know you feel me hard on this one.)

Warning: Addictive Substances Ahead

So here’s the deal. It's the first edible cookie dough/confection establishment in the DFW area. Safe to eat raw, the cookie dough-inspired desserts are ridiculously creative and fun.

It’s set up just like an ice cream shop, except all the silver dish thingys have different flavors of cookie dough. You can use your imagination to create custom flavor combinations or mix-in toppings.

The Dough

I was NOT shy AT ALL to sample the following flavors:

The Original – traditional chocolate chip. I actually tried the GLUTEN FREE version as well, and it was so insanely good, and the heck if I could tell any difference between the two.

Birthday Party – Seriously a party in my mouth, and my kids loved it too!

Brownie Batter – Imma be real. I would consider breaking up with my spouse just to have a legit reason to eat a gallon of this without judgement. I’m just being honest.

Dough-Reos – Which are cookie dough filled oreos, dipped in chocolate and covered in sprinkles, and they are just as spectacular as they sound.

Brookies – Basically…just trust me when I tell you: it’s so worth every last calorie. The specific description is a layer of brownie, oreo, chocolate chip cookie, and chocolate ganache frosting. I kinda blacked out after this one. #SugarRush


Grateful my pants haven’t exploded, and sated from all the indulgence, I bid my farewell. (Extra dough in hand, you know, for research and to share…YES, I SHARED IT. Sorta.)

The irresistible edible cookie dough has a shelf life of up to three weeks when refrigerated and three MONTHS in the freezer. Most of The Dough Dough menu offerings can also be baked in the oven for traditional cookies at home. I just might make Mother of the Year, yet!

Bottom line: you can keep secretly watching the food porn Tasty keeps posting, or you can take the family and indulge in some seriously creative and sensationally sinful treats here in town. It’s a must-try place for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Check out their other flavors (which may vary by location). My next dip will be into the Southern Banana Charm because it has fruit (banana) and that makes it healthier. Obvi.

Sunday through Thursday 11AM – 9PM
Friday and Saturday 11AM – 10PM

3311 Preston Road, Suite 2,  Frisco, TX  75034 (Put this DIRECTLY into your maps. Don’t be like me, lol.)

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