Have Your Next Event Under the Famous Frisco Water Tower

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Frisco Fine Art has always been more than an art gallery. Randy Jacobs and his partners imagined it as an epicenter for arts in Frisco, with hopes to create a gravitational pull that would bring art, artists, and, just as important, collectors together.

If you live in Frisco, work in Frisco, and play in Frisco, why would you go to Dallas to buy art?

In the past two years since its opening, Frisco Fine Art hosted numerous exhibits and showcases, some for nationally and internationally recognized artists. In this vast and open space, Frisco came up close and personal with daring paintings and striking sculptures, and yes, many of the art pieces found their new homes in residences around Frisco.

Frisco Fine Art Gallery WaterTower Event Space 7Just as much as for the art, the space became known for its fantastic events. Nonprofits like Frisco Association for the Arts and Visual Arts Guild of Frisco had regular meetings and events there, but so did many other corporate clients.

Becoming Frisco's Downtown Event Destination

Randy opened his door to the community from day one, and the community responded by making Frisco Fine Art one of the coolest and most sought-after event venues in town.

With a perfect central location under the famous water tower, on the corner of Main Street and North County Road, and giving off a cool vibe, the space attracted gatherings of all kinds, from music showcases to culinary affairs.

Encouraged by this demand, Watertower Special Events Center was born. The new branding focuses more on the event side of the business – the fact that you can have weddings here, conferences, seminars, concerts, parties of all shapes and sizes, all while being surrounded by amazing art.

Frisco Fine Art Gallery WaterTower Event Space

In fact, Randy says they’re even elevating the level of art by curating it more carefully. His personal connections to the art world in the DFW area brought artists like George Jones, Henrietta Milan, and Chris DeRubeis to Frisco.

However, now he’s also leveraging his relationships with chefs, sommeliers, designers, and others. For example, Boston-based chef Eustace Wehner will continue to host monthly International Taste Series events – next up is Taste of The Caribbean on August 20!

Frisco Fine Art Gallery Water Tower Special Events Center 7A new interior designer, Jennifer Colby, has been brought in recently to refresh the space, and the results can be seen in the front room centered by a glass table and four sitting chairs and surrounded with beautiful décor.

About working with Watertower Events Center, she says:

We feature fabulous Contemporary, Transitional to Traditional Art as well our latest addition of beautiful décor and stunning custom Permanent Botanicals. With Randy being an artist and myself an interior designer, we strive to create a wonderful look and great vibe that customers will love. We often re-style and bring in new so you will return to see us again.

Event Space for Any Occasion

Randy points out that he makes it easy for people to have an event here; there are no special requirements and few limitations, especially when it comes to catering. His team can even provide some tasty California wines.

Plus, if you want to bring live music, or if you have another cool idea, you won’t have to fill out a bunch of forms to make it happen.

Frisco Fine Art Gallery Water Tower Special Events Center 8With the development of the Rail District and revitalization of downtown Frisco, Water Tower Special Event Center should continue to be a premium event venue for years to come.

On top of that, with spectacular art in any direction, it will always be a great place to just come and have a quiet moment in search of inspiration. And if you want to take some of the art home, at least you won't have to go all the way to Dallas.

Tuesday – Saturday: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sunday: 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

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