Help Fido “Work” From Home with Good Canine Training

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Extra time at home during the past few months means we’ve likely spent more quality time with loved ones than in years past. While togetherness is a wonderful thing, extended time in each other’s space can cause challenges and highlight some “pet” peeves.

If your list of loved ones includes a four-legged friend, you might see where I’m going with this.

The more time we spend with our dogs, the more we notice how well—or, not so well—we communicate with them. Whether you have a quarantine foster-fail, longtime fur baby, or new puppy on the way this holiday season, there’s almost always room for improvement when it comes to obedience and general behavior in your home, at the park, or on walks around the neighborhood.

If you’ve been putting off obedience classes or puppy training due to scheduling issues, social distancing, or just because, the wait is over! Buddy Broyles at Visual Learning Solutions teamed up with dog training expert Lisa Konrad to build a totally comprehensive online dog training program. Good Canine Training is available online 24/7 and allows for flexible training options you won’t find in traditional in-person programs.

How Can I Train My Dog At Home?

Even though traditional training programs require you and your dog to be physically present, most of the progress that fosters your success happens outside of class.

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Lisa Konrad, Good Canine Training

You’ll introduce and reinforce training long after each lesson ends, so as long as you clearly understand the training materials, at-home training is pretty ideal. You get to introduce new commands in the space where you’ll likely apply the most training.

On the subject of human participation, it’s important to remember that even though we call it “dog” training, instructors are really training us, the owners!

Training a dog is like training for a marathon. You’re going to have up and downs, peaks and valleys, and most of it is us (the humans). 80% of the training will be on you, 20% of it is on your dog.

— Lisa Konrad, Good Canine Training

At-home training also gives your dog the best chance for success since they can absorb materials and practice commands in a safe, comfortable space.

Some dogs get anxious, excited, or even nervous in a new, unfamiliar place. Just like it’s hard for little ones to learn when they’re distracted, your pup may feel overwhelmed in a training facility with other dogs around. Instead, Good Canine Training helps you introduce training methods in a place where your pet is most comfortable. Once your furry friend gets confident in their new tricks at home, they’ll be well equipped to show them off at daycare or the dog park.

The Good Canine Foundational Training course includes individual modules with notes, informative videos, illustrations, and interactive response forms. In each lesson, Lisa shares insights into your dog’s mind and demonstrates new techniques that build on her foundational training philosophy: “tone, timing, & technique.”

This balanced training approach focuses on commanding, correcting, and rewarding without the need for any punishment. You’ll make progress by effectively communicating with your dog instead of teaching them to obey out of fear or uncertainty.

What are the Benefits of Good Canine Training?

When I think of dog training, I immediately think of the time commitment. Yes, I would love to enroll in classes tomorrow, but can I really be at the pet store from 6-7 pm every Tuesday for ten weeks? Between school, sports, work, and social engagements, most of us would probably miss one (or four) classes. If you don’t make it to in-person courses, you’ll lose money and valuable training progress.

Keep your schedule super flexible and take courses whenever it’s most convenient for you. You can also go back and repeat lessons to reinforce specific commands or techniques. Courses trickle release for the first few months; then, you’ll enjoy unlimited access for the rest of the subscription time. You can revisit later as needed, like if you get a new dog!

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Good Canine Training filming at Visual Learning Studios in Frisco.

The flexibility of the program also encourages participation from the entire family instead of just the person who volunteers to drive Fido to a class that week. You’ll enroll in an annual subscription instead of paying for limited, hourly sessions. You can move back and forth through the course as many times as you want during your subscription period, so everyone in the family will have a chance to work through each module and learn Lisa’s training approaches and techniques.

Good Canine Training makes it easy for the whole family to get involved and stay consistent. When everyone gives clear commands, your dog starts to understand that their new rules are essential. Plus, repetition helps them progress faster and learn more in less time.

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Family-focused also gives your dog’s ‘alpha’ the opportunity to learn. In your dog’s mental “pack hierarchy,” only one person is at the top. This doesn’t mean your dog doesn’t love every family member equally, but he probably listens to one member more often than the other members of the household. If the ‘beta’ is the only one enforcing training, you won’t see as much progress as you will when everyone stays on the same page.

Each subscription also includes access to a private members-only Facebook group where you can ask for advice, share successes, and gush over pictures of other adorable dogs. Lisa and Buddy are also rolling out an exclusive podcast where members can glean extra wisdom from Lisa in a convenient, on-the-go format.

When Can I Start the Good Canine Training Class?

The first 50 Lifestyle Frisco readers to subscribe to Good Canine Training can enjoy 25% off the annual subscription price, saving you nearly $90!! Open the Course and use code “LifestyleFrisco50_2020” to redeem!

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If you want to learn more about developing courses like Good Canine Training, Visual Learning Solutions has you covered. They’re always looking to partner with business experts who have a unique knowledge base.

You provide the expertise and Buddy’s team provides the recording equipment, training materials, and technology to bring your course to life online. VLS specializes in bringing programs that are typically taught in-person to a convenient online format that’s super accessible and safe.

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