Helping Kids Help Kids at the Annual Newman Village Lemonade Stand

Newman Village Lemonade Stand Fundraiser Frisco

As I endeavor to be a good parent, I can only hope that I’m prioritizing the right things. I can assign chores to my children and hope to foster a good work ethic. I can require them to practice piano and hope they learn discipline. What I’m most concerned with, however, is their attitude toward others. I want my kids to be aware of the feelings and needs of those around them. I want them to be sensitive to those who are hurting, and quick to lend a helping hand.

Lemonade Stand

Lifestyle Frisco Editor-in-Chief and her daughter at the Newman Village Lemonade Stand event

How do you teach empathy? The most powerful tool at your disposal is you. Children are more likely to have generous hearts when they see other people doing the same. Volunteer and support those in need with your kids by your side. 

Frisco’s Newman Village neighborhood has an opportunity for you to do just that…

For the eighth year in a row, the children of Newman Village will set up lemonade stands across the Central Plaza to sell ice-cold lemonade and yummy home-made treats. They’re not raising money for their own piggy banks. They’re on a mission to raise funds and awareness for the Kids Shouldn’t Have Cancer Foundation in Memory of Jonny Wade who passed away from brain cancer in December 2015. Last year’s Lemonade Stand was a tremendous success with more participants and attendees than ever – raising nearly $20,000.

Newman Village Lemonade Stand Fundraiser Frisco

Sponsors within our community have committed to support the cause financially to ensure the event’s success. Funds contributed will go directly to the Kids Shouldn’t Have Cancer Foundation’s mission to conquer pediatric cancer through research and political action.

Why is Newman Village so deeply committed to helping year after year?

The idea behind the Lemonade Stand came from two brothers, Morgan and Maddox Patterson, who simply wanted to help children in need of essential medical treatment. Today, the event has grown popular throughout the Frisco area and has united the community in support of the cause.  

We’re so glad to support kids that maybe need some extra help,” said Morgan.

The Kids Shouldn’t Have Cancer Foundation began in early 2016 because of Jonny’s wish that no other child would have cancer. Jonny’s determination, faith, and courage touched the lives of those around him and inspired his mother to fight pediatric cancer beyond his hospital room. Now, more than a year later, the foundation has raised over $200,000 for pediatric cancer research.

We are so grateful for the support of Newman Village for making Jonny’s wish their own,” said Kimberly Wade, Jonny’s mother and founder of the Kids Shouldn’t Have Cancer Foundation. “If only one other person hears Jonny’s story and is made aware of the importance of finding a cure for pediatric cancer, then we are making a difference.”

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Help Kids Help Kids. Drink Lemonade. Fight Pediatric Cancer.

For more information about the Kids Shouldn’t Have Cancer Foundation, or to make a donation, please visit