Host a Memorable Treat Decorating Party with These 6 Tips

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Hosting a children's party at home? Say goodbye to the old days of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, and make your party memorable, original, and delicious with cookie, cupcake or cake-pop decorating!

Whether it’s for a holiday, a playdate with a purpose or a birthday party, planning a treat-decorating party for children can be a fantastic way to make some memories (and possibly inspire a love for baking in your little ones)! And bonus: you will entertain and feed the kiddos at the same time! (Who doesn't love efficiency?)

But what about the MESS?

On the other hand, visions of frosting, sprinkles and *so many crumbs* can be an intimidating prospect. The mess potential is often enough to send most sane adults running fast in the other direction. (In the direction of a inflatables jump park, likely!)

Sweets on a StickBut a successful decorating party can happen without too much fuss with a few simple steps. Here are some tips that will help you host a decorating party without the stress and disaster.

Be very specific about expectations in the invitation.

Providing a light snack (think cheese and crackers or fruit) for adults; the item being decorated can double as the refreshment for the young guests. Be clear about instructions regarding the activities.

For instance, clothes (“wear washable clothing that can get messy!”), food (“we will be making our snack! Please eat lunch beforehand”), and supervision (“Parents and grandparents are welcome! Please do not plan to drop off.”). This will prevent frustration and hiccups.

Prepare the space and supplies well.

Follow the lead of Montessori teachers everywhere and prepare everything in advance. Supplies, tools, and the space should be completely ready to use as soon as young guests arrive to keep spirits high and energy positive.

Have lots of duplicates of frosting colors, sprinkle options, and tools on hand.

sprinkles treatsYou're better off with many duplicates of the same rather than lots of different options for small children. For instance, supply four jars of pink and four of red sprinkles rather than one jar of every color of the rainbow.

Clear the space in advance.

Hide or move anything that is difficult to clean or should not come in contact with sprinkles, frosting, and small sticky hands.


A simple sheet of painter’s plastic or a shower curtain underneath the table will make cleanup a breeze.

Or…outsource it.

Ready to NOT host the decorating party? In addition to gorgeous customized cookies, cake pops, and sweets, Sweets on a Stick, located conveniently in the heart of downtown Frisco, also offers classes! They have special fantastic decorating classes for young decorators and offer openings for private children’s parties. Sweets on a Stick provides the space, the supplies, and even the instructor.

They're glad to manage the prep and cleanup; your kiddos will be thrilled to decorate cookies and cake pops, make a sticky mess, and have fun with their friends; and YOU will get to enjoy being the host or ‘hostess with the mostess' for organizing a fabulous unique party while avoiding the headache of dealing with millions of tiny sugary sprinkles.

Nicki Cooley, the owner of Sweets on a Stick, doesn't stop at children’s parties. Sweets on a Stick is able to partner with you to provide fabulous customized treats for parties of all kinds in addition to decorating classes offered on-site.

Planning an event soon? Stop in their downtown Frisco location for a visit to see Cooley’s creations, snag some inspiration, and plan a fantastic event.

Leave us a comment with your tips for a successful children's treat-decorating party!

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