Hello! This is Dan Lyles with Lyles Insurance And in this video we're going to talk about sr22 filings we're going to go over what an sr-22 filing is the type of auto insurance policy you need to attach it with and also give you some pointers about how to find the best rate what is an sr-22 filing well first let me explain what an sr-22 is it an sr-22 is not auto insurance nor is it any type of bond it is simply a state filing that attaches onto some type of auto insurance policy it lets your state BMV know that you're carrying at least state minimum liability auto insurance coverage an sr-22 filing attached onto an auto insurance policy basically does two things number one it lets your BMV know that you have taken out liability auto insurance and here's the important part it also lets the BMV know if you ever lapse cancel or expire on your policy to better understand how an sr-22 works think of it as a tattle-tale clause that is when you have a policy that has an sr-22 attached to it if you ever cancel lapse or expire on your policy the company is required by law to notify the State DMV and once that happens your license gets suspended until you either reinstate your policy or start a new policy with another sr22 attached it's very important that you set up your sr22 filing properly and to do so it is very simple if you own a vehicle or have a vehicle registered in your name you'll want to attach an sr-22 onto a regular auto insurance policy if you do not own a vehicle you need to take out what's called a named operator's it's also known as a non owner's auto insurance policy and it works just the same as regular auto insurance as far as your sr22 filing reinstating your license it's designed for people that need insurance but don't own a car and also for drivers in the state of Ohio another option besides the named operator policy is a financial responsibility bond you can choose either one the financial responsibility bond is more popular in Ohio because it's cheaper but either one will be fine as far as getting your license reinstated quickly I want to go over two special types of auto insurance filings the fr 44 and the sr 50 these only applied to my customers in Virginia and Indiana the fr 44 is just a Virginia thing only I believe the only other state that has that far 44s is Florida and of course I don't sell in Florida but in Virginia it works exactly like an sr-22 filing does the only difference is you're required to carry double the state minimum liability auto insurance requirement in Indiana no other state has the SR 50 besides Indiana and it's no longer used it's obsolete it's been replaced now by the sr22 filing however drivers that were charged before the law changed they still get grandfathered into the old SR 50 requirement just remember that an sr-22 substitutes just fine for the SR 50 in fact you're much better to do so because most companies no longer write SR 50 filings another thing that comes up once in a while is out-of-state sr22 filings this is for drivers that need an sr-22 filing in one state but have since moved to another state what you need to do is purchase the policy from the state you're currently living in and find a company that's willing to write out-of-state SR 22s for the state that you need it in now I can tell you right now that this is frustrating it's hard to find companies that will do it but it is doable because there are companies that will in fact I have several of them for those of you who live in Ohio Indiana Michigan Pennsylvania West Virginia or Virginia I can help you with that and also between your former and current states you have to go with whichever state has a higher level of state minimum auto insurance liability requirement finally let me give you a couple pointers about helping you find the lowest rate you're going to find out if you haven't already that many auto insurance companies won't even write sr22 filings and there are also some companies who will write SR 22s but they charge a fortune to do so so what you need to look for is to find an independent agent that specializes in high-risk auto insurance like myself the companies that we carry they go easy on drivers with sr22 requirements even if they have dings on their driving record and the good thing about it is efficiency you get multiple quotes at one time instead of going to each company one at a time which can take a long time to do so let the independent agent do the dirty work for you and do all the shopping around and you'll find probably your lowest rate that way I hope this has helped you understand how sr22 filings works thanks and have a great day