How Fractional Digital Marketing Can Make Your Business Whole

Hats are cool. If like the vast majority of Americans, you’re part of a small to midsized business, you’re used to wearing a lot of them. With so much to do on so many fronts, it seems there’s a choice.

You can throw yourself into your area of expertise, do great things, and not have time or resources to get the word out. In which case your business fails. And you don’t want that.

Or, you could put on your marketing DIY hat, because what could go wrong there? Well, your website could age in style and usability when you’re looking the other way.

Optimization? Who needs that? You do. You need a marketing team — at least sometimes. A solid marketing team can build and optimize your site, deliver strategic content, streamline the user experience, and drive social efforts.

This brings us to a third option. Fractional Digital Marketing. Don’t worry. It’s not math. It’s the extra help you need without the expense of staff you don’t.

It All Adds Up

Marketing teams are expensive. Good marketing teams are also wildly productive. And, between deadlines, good marketing teams have available time. Fractional digital marketing lets you tap into marketing talent and resources at, you guessed it, a fraction of the cost.

Code Authority Software Consulting 1

The team at Code Authority and CodeLaunch have just such a team — the type of team that can drive results for external clients that rival the extraordinary success they’ve built internally.

A team is only as strong as the sum of its parts. Also, marketing efforts take coordination from content creators, web developers, SEO strategists, social media experts, and more. Aside from the obvious savings in headcount, it’s hard to place a value on access to a ready-made team with a – dare I say it – synergistic workflow already in place.

What’s the Math Behind it?

Try this. Start typing “C-o-d-e-A-u-t-h-o-r-i-t-y” into your browser. You probably won’t get far before “Code Authority” is suggested as the site you want. That’s not an accident.

That’s because this software development company has done for itself what it offers to do for others. They’ve grown in content, domain authority (why your search engine suggested their site), social followers, site traffic, and, yes, revenue with a steady up and to the right trajectory.

Code Authority Digital Marketing

It’s a combination of art and science. When the two disciplines come together the results can be stunning. Clients gain an effective website that gets high traffic and delivers messaging that drives results. It takes a multi-pronged approach:

  • SEO (search engine optimization) and Link Building to drive visitors to your site and build authority
  • Pay Per Click to make your advertising dollars last
  • Web Design and UI/UX (User Interface/User Experience) to deliver an effective site that is easy to navigate
  • Creative Design and Digital Content to build a cohesive brand and messaging that drives results
  • Social Media to build your audience and engage with customers past, present, and future

Both Sides of the Equation

If this sounds like a lot, you’ve been paying attention. It is. For Code Authority, it’s more than $300 thousand a year in salary and other expenses. As noted, that’s not realistic for most small to midsized businesses. So, fractional digital marketing gives these businesses affordable access to a proven team with demonstrable results and Code Authority gets diverse experience and additional earnings.

CA Digital Marketing Team

There are three factors to consider when choosing the team for you: cost, track record, and that other thing.

Code Authority is doing very well, thanks for asking. Because of results like the 78% increase in revenue from 2018 to 2019, the team can do outsourced work at attainable rates. Which is good, because teams that achieve that kind of growth are highly sought after. So that covers cost and track record.

“That other thing,” in the case of organizations that seek out this particular team seems to be innovation. They want a team that stretches innovative boundaries. And found one, they have.

An Innovative Solution

So here’s where we get what Code Authority does to have national impact, promote innovation, and open doors to the talent that will carry our world forward. They host CodeLaunch.

CodeLaunch is an annual event described as the combination of “a seed accelerator competition, tech tradeshow, a startup conference, and a raucous networking event.” Presented in partnership with UNT, this massive competition between groups and individuals who have software technology startup ideas generates national buzz, influences the future of technology, and promotes the success of finalists.

Last year’s finalists were provided more than $120,000 in seed services from Code Authority. Clearly, this is an organization that knows how to make things happen — for itself and for others.

Fractional digital marketing is a big term for a simple concept, and Code Authority has the resources with available slots and is looking to fill them now.

Code Authority Fractional Digiral MarketingWhen you need result-oriented branding, messaging, and engagement done well and don’t have the need or resources to do it in-house, you can outsource to successful pros at a reduced cost.

And that can lead to success you can hang your hat on.


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