How One Frisco Mom is Changing the Way We FUNdraise

Frisco friends, here’s an invitation with your name on it! You’re invited to join Frisco mom Trina Nix and hundreds of your closest friends in making a big difference.

The party is happening on the Facebook group Frisco FUNdraising, a new forum created by Trina to amplify support for local causes. The dress code is casual (pajamas welcome!) and you don’t even have to leave your couch. You can RSVP with a single click and join in all the fun!

Warm, candid, and inspiring, Trina Nix is a person you instantly want to be friends with – both online and in real life. At Frisco FUNdraising, she’s bringing together like-minded people that are motivated, supportive, and…fun!

Sounds like a club we all want to be in, right? No need for FOMO, you’re already on the invite list! RSVP “yes” and find out how Frisco FUNdraising can help you help the causes that you love!

Everyone’s Invited

What do yoga-loving goats, the Frisco Education Foundation, the Lone Star girls soccer team, and Frisco Fastpacs all have in common? They were recently featured on Frisco FUNdraising. The page is a one-stop resource where members can post events, learn about fundraisers, and share volunteer opportunities.

Frisco Fastpacs

Frisco Fastpacs

The events posted on Frisco FUNdraising are all local initiatives benefiting local causes. The group helps advocates expand their audience and get the word out in our community.

As Trina says, “The more people see it, the more successful you will be.”

What started as a simple idea now has the potential to make a big impact. The page is easy to use and effective, making it a perfect tool for our busy, big-hearted city.

Why Frisco FUNdraising Works

It works because it allows local advocates to expand the reach of their fundraising efforts. As a member of Frisco FUNdraising, you're posting events to a target audience of like-minded, local friends who care.

Purefoy Elementary Coin Drive

Purefoy Elementary Coin Drive

Furthermore, the page offers a variety of ways to get involved. You can support many of the causes featured on Frisco FUNdrasing simply by doing the things you already do in your weekly routine.

In the past month, we had the opportunity to benefit Best Buddies by eating at Chick-Fil-A, and to support Lebanon Trail High School by ordering pizza. The Frisco Education Foundation benefitted when we picked up dinner at Raising Cane’s, and we showed love to Purefoy Elementary by getting a mani-pedi.

All because neighbors and local nonprofits posted to Frisco FUNdraising about opportunities to support a give-back that directly impact our community…

goat yoga 2

Volunteer opportunities and community events are included, too. Recent promotions on the page included a community packing night for Frisco Fastpacs, Happy Goat Yoga for Charity at Frisco Fresh Market, and the Downtown Merchant's Sip, Shop, and Stroll benefitting Frisco Family Services.

Bonus: The page is business-friendly! Businesses that host fundraising events are encouraged to join and post. Trina has established guidelines for business involvement to ensure participating businesses are Frisco-focused, and committed community partners.

In order to advertise their information on the site, businesses need to offer at least a 20% return and a minimum $100 donation to a charity. Trina hopes the group will be a useful tool to connect fundraisers with community-minded businesses.

Frisco FUNdraising is well organized, inclusive, and up to the minute. Trina encourages all members to post their opportunities, always approving them before they go public to ensure that all events featured are well-organized, Frisco-centric opportunities.

Feed the City Frisco 3

TangoTab's Feed the City Frisco event

Events are posted daily, keeping pace with our fast-moving city.

Read on to hear how Trina’s experience as a volunteer inspired her to develop the Frisco FUNDraising site.

Inspired to Make a Difference

Trina Nix is a longtime Frisco Resident, mother of two sons, and a rockstar volunteer. With over a decade of dedicated volunteer and leadership experiences, she’s seen first-hand how surprisingly difficult fundraising in Frisco can be.

We're a supportive but often over-extended community. Ask any PTO mom or non-profit leader and they’ll likely have a few stories to share about fundraising challenges.

Feed FriscoTrina’s current role as PTO president at Wester Middle School was her inspiration to develop the Frisco FUNdraising page.

When she became president two years ago, one of her primary goals was to increase fundraising revenue for the school. She knew the PTO would need to be proactive about letting people know the importance of fundraising. “Why do we do it? Why is it important?” 

For Trina and her team, improving communication was a key factor in achieving fundraising success. Trina uses Facebook to communicate with and motivate parents, sharing updates and inspiring words on a consistent basis.

In Trina’s first year as president, the school's fundraising total grew by an incredible $31,000 over the prior year. And total fundraising continues to grow!

Communication That Builds Excitement

Of the many fundraising activities that Trina's PTO fundraising team was a part of, they also got creative and built excitement through a “color battle” competition.

Water Color Battle Frisco 3Students earned color packets by fundraising and later participating in a huge “color battle” at the conclusion of the program. Trina notes,

Teachers starting competing and it rubbed off. We had a really successful year. Families got really involved. We have a great group and worked closely with the principal and teachers.

Creativity and collaboration were critical in Wester’s fundraising success, and it was online communication that really brought everyone together. Trina saw that Facebook was an effective way to reach out on a frequent basis and inform families about WHY their fundraising efforts matter, rather than simply dropping another flyer in their child's take-home folder.

Water Color Battle Frisco

Facebook communication is free and helps keep marketing costs low (which in turn allows more proceeds to directly benefit the cause). Trina notes, “even a ‘like' trickles down and helps spread the message.”

Inspired by the online communication and fundraising success at Wester, Trina wanted to increase communication and fundraising support throughout Frisco. As Trina says “Frisco is growing and has so much to offer.”

Whether that's monetary donations, volunteering, or raising awareness, the Frisco FUNdraising group is a simple and effective way to bring busy residents together. The group helps fundraisers reach a broader audience and increases support for our local causes.

RSVP “yes” and come join the party!

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