How to Build, Dominate, and Leave a Legacy

Do you ever daydream about your ideal professional role? Is it vivid? Do you envision yourself realizing your potential, and subsequently harnessing that power to conquer all challenges? Hold that thought. Bryan Linder, of Linder Legacy Group, wants to help you.

Who's Bryan Linder?

Bryan started out like lots of folks. He went to college, and then landed jobs in corporate America. He was good at his work and did well. But, then…Bryan had the “but then” moment that most successful entrepreneurs experience. Consequently, he shifted his focus from corporations to individuals. Bryan believed many people could benefit from training that helped them improve satisfaction and success. Bryan shared,

I learned marketing and business in college, even earned a degree, but reading it in a book and actually making it work in real life is drastically different. I've learned that the coach that teaches you the most is the one that's either played the game or has devoted his/her life to loving the game.

Linder_Legacy_Group_speaking4Bryan formed Linder Legacy Group to educate and empower clients so they can realize their version of the American Dream. His mission? “To teach people what it takes to really grab this life by the horns and demand from it what they desire.”

How can a coach help me professionally?

Studies show anywhere from 70 – 80 percent of employees don't like their jobs. One exception to that statistic shows up in USA Today (“A majority of U.S. workers are actually satisfied with their jobs,” Daniel B. Kline, The Motley Fool, Sept. 3, 2018). The “good” news in this article is that 51 percent of US workers are satisfied with their jobs.

Have you ever celebrated 51 percent satisfaction? I thought not.

The Linder Legacy Group agrees these statistics are dismal. On the other hand, they believe that many people will happily make changes to improve their work situation–if they know what changes to make, and how to make them.

Linder_Legacy_Group_team5The team offers a wide variety of coaching and wellness resources to match the wide variety of career-improvement needs. There are programs to up your networking, marketing and branding, and/or entrepreneurial games. Bryan acknowledges that some lessons, however, have to be learned on your own. Certainly, he knows that first hand. He explains,

Linder Legacy Group was established to share what I've learned from starting companies, buying properties, failing in business, and winning big time. We want to help mitigate the simple [lessons] by providing coaching and courses such as our 7-step ‘Live Your Legacy: Entrepreneurship Program.'

“Live Your Legacy?”

The Live Your Legacy: Entrepreneurship Program helps move people from dreaming to doing. Firstly, Bryan and his team use a comprehensive process to identify clients' internal drives. Secondly, they use those insights to build a coaching strategy.

Next, they equip the clients with the appropriate tools to attain goals, whether professional advancement or taking the entrepreneurial leap.

Another recently rolled out program, the innovative Health & Wealth workshop, partners clients with personal trainers and financial advisors to help people get on track both physically and fiscally.

I'm interested. Tell me more.

Linder_Legacy_Group_team4Bryan knows the importance of being able to connect with, and serve, different audiences differently. As a result, Bronwyn Osburn came on board in January to head up women's events and community outreach programs.

This summer offers lots of opportunities to benefit from the group's wisdom:

  • June 1 – Bryan is speaking at the Thrive Men's Conference.
  • June 8 – Don't miss the Linder Legacy Group booth at the McKinney Beer and Bites Fest.
  • June 17 – The Inaugural “Live Your Legacy” charity golf tournament. Tickets here.

What's the story?

Bryan's enthusiasm is contagious and his passion for helping others shows in all he does. He explains,

I founded this company because I LOVE the American Dream! I believe it is alive and well but people just don't know how to go about achieving it on their own.

Linder_Legacy_Group_speaking3Bryan says he can sum up his whole approach with a story. It's The Starfish Story” by Loren Eisley. In short, the tale is one of an old man who walks along a beach one morning.

There are thousands of starfish washed ashore and a child is walking amongst them, randomly selecting some to throw back into the ocean.

The man offers discouraging words, pointing out that the child can never help enough starfish to make a difference. However, the undaunted child tosses another into the sea and says, “I made a difference to that one.”

Linder_Legacy_Group_logo2That favorite story of his has become Bryan's North Star. “My crusade is to help as many people as I can and Make A Difference. One person, one family, one business at a time. I made a difference to that one.”

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