How to Eliminate the Stress of the Test

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You’ve been there. It’s midnight on a school night. Everyone is in bed and you’re shutting off the kitchen lights before turning in. As you turn down the hallway, you run into one of your kids. Maybe they’re angry, maybe they’re crying, but, either way, your child is in pieces because of a test in the morning.

Test anxiety is debilitating. “It’s all in your head” might be true, but hearing that provides zero benefit. What does help? Two-level test prep.

Multiple Choice Stress

There are two primary types of test anxiety: fear of failure due to lack of comprehension, and fear of failure due to lack of self-confidence. These, too often, go hand-in-hand. That’s why Tutor Doctor Frisco-McKinney-Prosper takes a multi-pronged approach to address the problem.

Not only do these qualified tutors teach the subject matter at hand, but they also equip students with tools to overcome their nerves. Since stress has been shown to negatively impact memory and learning, students who get help for one subject may well find their performance improves in others, also.

It Can’t Be That Easy

And it isn’t. Building stronger skills in a subject takes lots of work. Also, building self-confidence can be daunting. So it’s important to have the right ally on your side.

Tutor Doctor tutors, many of whom have their kids in local school districts, know you can’t build a successful student on a shaky foundation. Their in-home tutoring model is laser-focused on providing the ideal environment for success.

Obviously, most of us are most at ease at home. Clearly, it makes sense we learn better when we’re comfortable. And so it was a no-brainer for owner Stacy Parkelj to provide in-home tutoring to ensure high success rates. They use a four-step process: Assess, Match, Tutor, and Support.

Is That an Acronym?

It’s not a catchy theme or marketing ploy. The Tutor Doctor approach is a combination of science and common sense. It starts by acknowledging each student as an individual. They are Assessed so a program can be designed for their specific needs and goal. One size fits all? Not a chance.

studyingNext, the Match step focuses on the person, not just the student. Tutor Doctor uses a system to pair your student with a tutor based on subject matter, goals, and, importantly, personality. Again, it comes down to comfort building confidence.

Once matched, the Tutoring step lasts on a schedule, and for a period, determined by staff and client. And, throughout the process, parents and students have Support with regular updates and communication.

And This Makes a Difference?

It does. Don’t take my word for it. When you have time to spare and want to enjoy some inspirational reading, visit Tutor Doctor’s testimonial page to see a whole lot of 5-star reviews and a whole lot of ringing endorsements.

Tutor_Doctor_photoWhile you’re reading, take note of how many comments focus on how well the tutor was matched to the student. Also, consider the last time you learned something in an informal setting.

We’re more receptive to ideas when we’re at ease. That’s why most Tutor Doctor tutoring happens at, or near, the kitchen table. Being at ease translates to better learning. Better learning translates to better performance and results. Better results translate to greater confidence.

And so the cycle goes. Your more capable, confident student can look forward to less text anxiety and better grades. This is huge — particularly when it comes to standardized testing and college admissions.

There’s a Lot on the Line

This is about your child’s future. It’s about grades, accomplishments, and self-esteem. Yes, tutoring has been proven to improve academic performance. Tutor Doctor offers specialized services in all major coursework. Also, it’s about accomplishments. Of course, Tutor Doctor offers prep in SAT and ACT. Possibly most importantly, it’s about self-esteem.

Easing stress and watching your student shine academically is magical. It feels great for everyone involved. But, let’s focus on your child. Getting ready for college often means getting ready to move out on one’s own. This is a nerve-wracking experience for caregivers and children alike. Thus, improved performance helps on two fronts.

Firstly, is the obvious: your kid will likely score higher on school and standardized tests as a result of tutoring. This means more, and better, academic options.

Secondly, though, is the confidence that lasts long after test scores are forgotten. The “I’ve got this” self-assuredness that results from better comprehension and skillsets carries over. You’ll send a student who feels better able to conquer life’s challenges in the world.

That feels great.

A Good Night’s Rest

We’ve all heard that advice. Get a good night’s rest before a challenging day. Your student’s tutor will almost certainly share this tip. But, in this case, it’s not your student or their tutor being referenced. It’s you. A great side-effect of tutoring is the comfort of knowing you’ve come through for your student and watching them blossom academically and emotionally.

Tutor_Doctor_team2If tutoring is in your future, and if Tutor Doctor Frisco-McKinney-Prosper is the service you select, better rest might be in your future, too. Peace of mind is a beautiful thing.

You might still run into your kiddo in the hall at night. Hopefully, instead of needing to offer consolation, you can stop, exchange a hug, and then both get a good night’s rest.

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