How to Find Time for Fresh, Healthy Meals This Fall


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Back-to-school season is in full swing. As our kids gear up for homework assignments, after-school sports, spirit events and more, we’re trying to make sure they can fit it all into their day. Amidst the hustle and bustle of life, it can be hard to make time for a healthy lifestyle.

Most parents don’t have the time to prepare their children elaborate meals from scratch, much less do they have the chance to eat that way themselves – that’s where the experts at Freshii come in.

Not only is Freshii full of delicious ingredients for your family to enjoy in the restaurants, but their team of nutritionists and health enthusiasts understand the importance of eating right every day. Along with tasty bowls and burritos, we encourage you to implement some of Freshii’s favorite healthy swaps into your family’s fall routine.

Healthy Back-to-School Lunch Tips

Monday morning. Your alarm goes off. You jump out of bed and fall on the house like a whirlwind; checking backpacks and lunches, making sure everyone is dressed and wearing matching shoes, and all too fast you’re rushing out the door for school. Did all of the kids eat breakfast? Did I eat breakfast?

If you’ve ever found yourself in a similar situation, you know that there never seems to be enough time in the morning. You may be the parent in the kitchen who’s juggling scrambled eggs and baggies of baby carrots; trying to make sure the right foods end up in your child’s lunch box.

healthy lunchMaybe you put together a fresh lunch for the kids, only to open their backpacks after school and see a soggy, untouched salad or half-eaten apple.

Rather than make packing lunch a rushed hassle in the morning, start your healthy routine the night before with kid-friendly lunches that are healthy and delicious! Here are a few simple ways to add some flair to your child’s school lunches:

Involve them in the process.

If you’ve ever let the kids help with dinner, you know how exciting it can be for your little sous chefs. Set aside time each evening to let the kids help pack their lunch for the next day. Of course, they can’t take three bags of cookies, but they can choose which fruit they want to take along, or maybe their favorite nut butter to use in a sandwich.

kids healthy snackIf they have a say in what goes into their meals, there’s a much better chance they’ll be excited to eat when they pop open their lunch box in the cafeteria.

Make fresh foods fun.

Have you seen those Facebook videos of cute, creative school lunches with cucumber flowers and heart-shaped carrots? Inexpensive cookie cutters are the secret to these elaborate-looking lunches. Pick out a few fun shapes or freehand a design when you’re prepping lunches. You can also invest in colored Tupperware that’s sure to brighten any meal.

Encourage healthy choices.

Rather than always making veggies a stiff requirement, work with your kids to find nutritious foods that they actually enjoy. Most kids picture their least favorite piece of produce when you mention a “healthy” meal.

Pick up a few new foods from the grocery store, or some Energii Bites from Freshii, and let the little ones participate in a taste test. They’ll add some favorite foods to their list and you’ll know that they can make healthy choices all on their own.

Finding Time for Fresh Meals

Once you’re done with morning drop-offs, we know you still have a million things to fit in before the school day is over. When you’re busy running errands around town, fighting with that endless pile of laundry or tidying up the house, it can be hard to pause for a proper lunch.

freshiiEating healthy sounds like a wonderful idea in theory, but who has time for a sit-down and/or homemade meal every single day? If you’re a parent that drops the kids off on your way to work, your lunch hour may very well consist of a drive to the closest fast food joint.

No matter where your day takes you, Freshii is ready with quick, healthy options that will leave you feeling energized all afternoon. Their completely customizable menu is full of fresh produce and high-quality protein options to fill your bowl, burrito, salad and more.

Stop by for an energizing juice or choose a pre-created entree that’s packed with nutrients thanks to tasty ingredients and professional pairings from Freshii’s nutrition team. Can’t wait until lunch? Freshii also offers a range of breakfast options including burritos, parfaits and green smoothies.

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