How to get your first ever car insurance for less

How to get your first ever car insurance for less Getting car insurance for your first car is your ticket to the open road But it can be a pricey one

Inexperienced drivers pay more for car insurance, because they’re seen as more of a risk on the roads So what can you do as a new driver to keep your insurance price down? Here are our top 5 tips Number 1 There are three levels of insurance cover to choose from: third party only; third party fire and theft; and comprehensive You’d think that the insurance offering the least protection – third party only – would be the cheapest But this isn’t always the case

Comprehensive cover can actually be cheaper, so check this when running a quote to compare prices – you may be pleasantly surprised Number 2 Young drivers can find good prices for ‘telematics’ or ‘black box’ insurance, where your car is monitored by satellite and the price of your insurance is adjusted according to how well – or poorly – you drive Number 3 You could add a more experienced ‘named driver’ onto your insurance, with you as the main driver This can help keep the price down, especially if they’re older Number 4 If possible, park your car somewhere safe overnight, such as on a driveway or in a garage, as it’ll help lower the cost Number 5 Finally, it’s obvious but avoid driving flashy, high powered cars when you start out

This increases how risky you’re seen as, so cost more to insure Best of luck for the first of many safe and happy years of motoring!