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With fall classes back in full force, it’s easy to get caught up in projects and pep rallies, but this transition period is also a great time to prepare a roadmap for your child’s new academic year. That’s where It’s Not Complicated Tutoring comes in.

Every parent wants to see their children succeed, but it can be challenging to plan for success in the long term. Rather than waiting for grades to slip or the first parent-teacher conference of the semester, work with your child to establish a proactive action plan to help your student get ahead and gain the confidence they need to be successful for their entire academic career.

Help Your Student Accelerate in Academics

Education-schoolWhile your children learn an immense amount of material in the classroom each day, it’s critical to reinforce this new information at home.

Work with your kids to develop a study plan that facilitates learning and studying at home. Regardless of their grade level, make time (and space) at home for homework. Your child may have a desk at home that needs to be cleaned out and cleared off, or you can designate a few hours of time at the kitchen table each evening to ensure they have ample opportunity to complete their assignments.

Students need to know their testing schedule for each class, the types of questions that will be included and the topics that will be covered on upcoming exams. From there, collaborate with your student and their tutor to create a study plan and allow ample time to prepare – there’s nothing worse than cramming the night before an exam.

student studyIf your child needs some help developing a study plan, INC Tutoring has awesome resources and consultants who are experienced in great study habits that contribute to academic excellence. INC’s tutors will work with your child to develop an individualized plan that fits his or her needs while instilling effective time management tips and organizational skills.

Develop Good Habits Early On

Effective studying techniques go hand-in-hand with a successful learning experience. The habits your student establishes in elementary school can grow with them and contribute to their success long beyond high school graduation.

Try to develop a game plan for your students now so they can start the new year with a clear idea of how to reach and exceed their learning goals. Talk with your child, a tutor, and even your child’s teachers to find out what study techniques work best with their personality and strengths. If your kids like studying with a parent at home, establish a process and stick to it throughout the school year.

highlighter-studying-schoolAnother way to ensure that your students are aptly prepared to succeed is through establishing expectations early on. There should be no surprises during the school year.

Make sure your child understands what they will and will not be graded on in class. Your young learners should make it a habit to check grades weekly and monitor where they fall in regards to class standing and student rank.

Often times, students see their report cards when it is too late, then try to make changes in routines. This is not effective and shouldn’t be followed. Students should be comfortable approaching teachers with questions about their assignments, grading, extra credit, tutoring and more.

Tutoring services are a fantastic way to reinforce learning techniques and establish helpful study habits. Companies like INC Tutoring focus on a holistic approach to tutoring, ensuring that parents, counselors, teachers, and tutors work together to facilitate success. Jay Veal, CEO of INC Tutoring, shared,

We believe in valuing our clientele and really understanding their needs, desires, and outcomes. Building relationships is the crutch of why we are so successful and the fact that we have one of the most diverse tutoring teams in Dallas. Our Leads do a phenomenal job of ensuring consultant and student success while keeping relationships strong. Parents can place trust in our people, processes, and results. Currently, INC has a 95% success rate of students earning As and Bs in 48 content areas. That is touch to beat nationwide and we are glad to be here in Frisco and Collin County to make this available to residents.

No matter what school subject brings your child to the INC team, they’re sure to unlock a myriad of tips, techniques, and processes that will help them excel throughout their years in school.

Create a Positive Attitude Toward Learning

Most of the time, students don’t develop a lifelong love of learning through memorization and comprehension alone. Take some time to have a genuine conversation with your kids about school. What do they like about it? What do they dislike about it? What’s their overall attitude toward learning?

INC Tutoring quoteEstablishing confidence and clear intentions about the why behind their education can make a huge difference in their grades and their mindset when it comes to schooling. In addition to providing your child with a positive outlook on education, make sure they know that it’s okay to admit when they’re facing an obstacle.

Many times, young learners get so caught up in their fear of failure, that they become afraid to admit their struggles. Remind them that it’s okay to come to you, their teachers, or a school counselor if they encounter challenges with a certain subject.

The more informed you are about your child’s educational experience, the sooner you can step in to help if they need it. Finding a great tutor now will help your young student accelerate towards success long before their next academic challenge rolls around.

inc-tutoring-logoEstablish a clear communication policy with your child. This relationship works both ways and involves parents, teachers, counselors, and tutors in their educational journey. Many times, parents are not always aware of what’s going on in the classroom or with their student academically.

Parents may ask, “Did you have any homework?” and the student says, “No” or “We did it at school already.” These answers are not acceptable at first glance. Keep in contact with your child’s educational support system so you can catch potential obstacles early and ensure they don’t get behind on assignments.

Get Involved in Your Child’s Education


It’s Not Complicated Tutoring team

While your child’s report cards and diplomas will bear their name alone, remember that parental involvement is an integral part of their success. Communication, consistency, and confidence at home will instill successful habits and a positive outlook for your child’s academic career.

Make time to help the kids with their homework, call/text their tutor when they don’t understand concepts or topics and check in with teachers periodically to ensure your children are achieving success in the classroom.

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The start of a new school year is the perfect opportunity to identify goals and aspirations with the students in your life. Get ahead of the curve. Contact INC Tutoring today to learn more about the learning tools they provide to children and parents alike.