Insurance Tips for College Students

If your kids are preparing to go to college, they're not the only ones with some homework to do Now is the time to talk to your professional insurance agent to make sure everyone has the coverage they need

For example, if your son or daughter are living on-campus in a dorm room, your homeowners insurance policy provides protection for their personal possessions But if they move off-campus, they may wish to consider renters insurance in order to protect their things If they move away from home and leave the car with you, you may be able to save money on their auto policy For students, a couple simple tips can help make for a safer college experience Always lock your dorm room or apartment when you go out

Keep a personal inventory of the items in your possession, like your laptop, your cell phone and even your school books Remember throughout your college experience to use your credit wisely A lot of insurance companies today take a look at your credit history when determining what you will pay for insurance later on So keep a close eye on your wallet and your personal things For more information contact your professional insurance agent or check out the Northwest Insurance Council's website

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