It’s All Smiles at Ideal Dental

When does your dentist make you smile the most? For most people, it's when they're leaving! It's sad that the physician who helps us maintain the most noticeable things about ourselves – our teeth – also are the most avoided.

Not so at Ideal Dental. They believe that a visit to the dentist should be as pleasant and stress-free as possible. That’s why their dental offices were designed to keep patient comfort in mind. Whether you need to schedule a general checkup or require more extensive dental work, they'll address any concerns you might have prior to treatment and answer all of your questions in a relaxed, pressure-free setting.

Ideal Convenience and Efficiency from a Neighborhood Dentist

Ideal Dental’s team of dentists locally-own their offices and understand and respect that patients want convenience and efficiency. Therefore, when it came time to design the Ideal Dental practices, they opted to go beyond the basics, providing Monday – Saturday and SAME DAY appointments. Talk about making life easier!

Ideal DentalIdeal Dental aspires to tailor their services to meet the needs of consumers. For many clients, Friday or Saturday is the perfect day to schedule an appointment because it allows you to have the afternoon off post-appointment and jump-start the weekend.

Need a dentist stat? There's nothing quite like biting into a piece of hard candy and cracking a tooth. Or, receiving a call from the school saying your child fell and knocked their tooth out. For those urgent issues, Ideal strives to care for patients' needs as fast as possible, whether for emergency dental treatment or surgery.

Ideal Dental - lobbyWhile you might remember those days of going to one office for a general dentist, another for an orthodontist, and a third for an oral surgeon, those days are gone at Ideal.

They offer a Periodontist, Endodontist, Orthodontist, and Oral Surgeon on site. Whether you need your teeth cleaned or whitened and your kids need orthodontic work, you can most likely book the services at the same time.

Plus, if you're a new patient, Ideal offers everything from complimentary exams and x-rays, laser teeth whitening, and $1500 off orthodontic treatments, including Invisalign.

What if You Need Some Work Done?

Ideal Dental offers an exclusive dental warranty to their patients that really sets them apart. A beautiful, healthy smile is a significant investment that you want to last a lifetime. At Ideal Dental, patients don't have to worry about bearing the possible costs of repair. Ideal Dental takes pride in their dental work and is confident in their high-quality services.

They're More Than Dentists

Ninja Warrior Ideal DentistWhen it comes to dentistry, you want the best. As a patient, you want a team who can precisely, and smoothly, perform an extraction. At the Ideal Dental office in Plano, they have their very own “action hero,” Dr. Matthew Doan.

Ninja Warrior Ideal DentalDr. Doan is a dentist by day and a Ninja Warrior by night! In 2017, he was one of the athletes selected in Oklahoma City to compete on the nationally televised American Ninja Warrior show. Competitors move through significantly challenging obstacles courses, striving to shorten their time, complete the course, and become the next champion.

Beyond a White Smile

The mouth is considered the “Oral Window to the Body.” If you have a healthy mouth your likely to have a healthy body. Brushing and flossing teeth, rinsing the mouth with an antiseptic mouthwash and regular dental checkups that are typically offered via insurance every six months. By having a healthy oral regimen it keeps bacteria under control, reduces inflammation, and improves your self-esteem and confidence.

Ideal Dental - brushingWithout proper oral care, bacteria can reach levels that have the potential to lead to oral infections. In some cases, bacteria and inflammation in the mouth can lead to periodontal or gum disease. This disease affects the tissue surrounding the teeth causing symptoms such as red, swollen, painful gums and bad breath. In some cases, you might even lose a tooth.

Poor oral care or no oral care at all will affect the rest of your body. Bacteria and inflammation associated with gum disease can play a key role in the development of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and memory issues. So next time you feel too tired before bedtime to brush those teeth reconsider that notion and remember it means your overall health.

ideal dental logoWhen you need some type of dental work done consider booking your appointment with any of the amazing neighborhood dentists at Ideal Dental. Visit their site, type in your zip code, and meet the Ideal dentist near you to give yourself the ideal smile!

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