It’s Official! PGA of America is Relocating to Frisco Texas

Following months of speculation, Frisco City Council voted to support the PGA of America relocating their headquarters to the City of Frisco.

In a groundbreaking public-private partnership whereby the PGA will team up with Omni Stillwater Woods, the City of Frisco, as well as its Economic and Community Development Corporations, and the Frisco Independent School District, this development will bring life to Frisco as we've never experienced before.

Where will PGA Headquarters in Frisco be located?

PGA locationLocated at Frisco’s northern border, the upscale development will reside in an area north of Rockhill Parkway between Legacy Drive and Teel Parkway and approximately one-third of a mile south of the US 380. These 600 acres are within 2,500 acres currently being master planned by Hunt Realty Investments.

The land that originally belonged to Bert Fields Jr. was sold earlier this year to the City, in one of the biggest land deals Frisco has seen. Now the city gets to experience something as iconic as the PGA of America to anchor this development. Chris Kleinert, President of Hunt Realty Investments shared,

Our partners are committed to creating a world-class mixed-use development throughout the 2,500 acres of the Bert Fields Estate and we're proud to have facilitated the land sale for the new, premier Omni Hotel. We're thrilled to be in Frisco, and we welcome the PGA and its employees to the best place to live in America.

Speaking exclusively to Lifestyle Frisco, Mayor Jeff Cheney expressed his excitement for the future.

This development is going to light a fire over the northern part of our city. Here is a story whereby a Frisco resident can have a dream and really change the future of a city.

How the PGA Came to Frisco

Indeed, this story goes back a few years for Frisco residents, the Ovard family. They have sons playing golf and connections in the golfing community. While it may have sounded far-fetched, they had a dream of bringing the PGA here and thought… “How great would it be to have them set up home in Frisco?”

Ovard family Frisco PGA

Ovard family

Residents since 2004, the Ovards embraced every year as the city grew and provided families the best in schools, facilities, and sports opportunities. Speaking to David Ovard, he explained while watching his sons grow to love the sport of golf, it became apparent there was no facility where the school district could play and learn regularly.

He had a very clear master vision in his mind of how the PGA could bring something so special and unique to Frisco. David began talking with Mark Harrison (Executive Director and CEO of the North Texas PGA) and City Manager George Purefoy over five and a half years ago. This led to further positive discussions with the FEDC and City Council members. Ovard shared,

I knew from the start it was possible and an all-around win-win for everyone… the community, the city, the students, the Frisco economy, and the PGA. If achieved, we could all enjoy a place of pride and it benefits. Fast forward to today and an announcement that proves a dream really is possible. This truly is a project of passion and love for all involved that will be wonderful and beneficial for everyone.

The facility will also have a 9-hole course where novices and children can learn in a less intimidating environment. Working closely with the school district as partners also means high schools in Frisco will immediately have access to practice, grow in the sport, and potentially produce a whole new generation of pro golfers. Dr. Mike Waldrip, FISD Superintendent of Schools, said,

This partnership adds another level of exciting opportunities and experiences for our students. The development will add millions of dollars to our tax base, helping to keep the tax rate low, while also providing a number of unique learning opportunities for students in fields such as landscape architecture, hotel and restaurant management, and sports broadcasting.

Features to Look Forward to at PGA Headquarters

  • Two 18-hole golf courses, including a full championship course
  • A 9-hole dedicated practice course.
  • First “made-for-TV” golf course in America ready to host PGA World-class tournaments and the Ryder Cup
  • Clubhouse with full access for the public
  • 500 room hotel to be owned and operated by Omni Hotels & Resorts
  • 127,000 square foot conference center
  • 100,000 square foot PGA global headquarters and their education facility
  • An experience & entertainment center incorporating retail, restaurants, and live music venues
  • Open to the public where Frisco residents will get a discount and full access to use the course 

Today is both historic and transformational for the City of Frisco,” said Mayor Jeff Cheney. “Not only will this signature development change the future of Frisco’s northern landscape, it will transform the sport, growing a new generation of pros, fans and golf enthusiasts. As Sports City, USA, we’re thrilled to partner with another world class brand like PGA of America. We’re also honored Omni is, once again, committing such a huge investment in our community, recognizing the potential to grow entertainment, tourism, and economic development in one of the fastest growing cities in America.”

The PGA Project by the Numbers

The entire project will have an initial, estimated public-private investment totaling more than $520 million broken down as follows:

  • PGA to invest $30 million to build its 100,000 square foot global headquarters and education facility.
  • Omni Stillwater Woods (OSW) to invest $455 million to purchase the land, construct the hotel, conference center, retail space and parking facilities, and golf course construction.
  • The City of Frisco and it’s development corporations (each funded by a half-cent of Frisco’s sales tax) will contribute no more than $35 million towards the development of the public facilities – golf courses, clubhouse, practice areas and associated public facilities (City of Frisco, $13.3 million; Frisco Economic Development Corp. (FEDC), $2.5 million; Frisco Community Development Corp. (FCDC), $13.3 million; and FISD, $5.8 million)
  • The City of Frisco will also provide performance incentives estimated to total between $52 – $78 million. These include a portion of hotel occupancy, mixed beverage, sales and property taxes generated by the hotel and associated retail on the site for a 20-year-period.
  • The State of Texas will contribute all the hotel and sales tax along with a portion of mixed beverage tax collected on the project for ten years. The grant total, provided through Chapter 351 incentives, is valued at more than $62.5 million over ten years.
  • FEDC is also investing $14.3 million over a fifteen-year period for PGA of America’s headquarters relocation, job creation, and PGA Championship tournament incentives.
  • The initial 25-year agreement calls for the land and conference center to be publicly owned by the City of Frisco and operated by OSW, which will pay $100,000 a year in rent to the city. That lease will increase two-percent after the fifth year of the development agreement. OSW is responsible for all maintenance and capital expenses while retaining revenues.

Partnering with the PGA of America and City of Frisco to build a brand new, luxurious golf resort in north Texas is an unprecedented move in the strategic growth of our company,” said Peter Strebel, president of Omni Hotels & Resorts. “Omni is known for its elevated service and amenities, including golf, and this resort, alongside the headquarters of PGA of America, promises to be a powerhouse development that will attract thousands of people per year.”

With an initial investment worth more than half a billion dollars, this groundbreaking agreement is estimated to have an economic impact of more than $385 million over the next twenty years. PGA of America will initially employ at least 100 people at the Frisco-based headquarters. Seth Waugh, CEO, PGA of America said,

We welcome the opportunity to develop friendships and partnerships with the community and its residents, as well as across North Texas and throughout the state. We are grateful to the City of Frisco, the State of Texas and Omni Stillwater Woods for embracing our vision of creating a transformational headquarters that, together with our world-class partners, helps us advance our mission of serving our Members and growing the game.

The golf courses are expected to open in August 2022 with the hotel, convention center, and other facilities to open within six months of that date. The development will host the Senior PGA Championship tournament in 2023.

PGA Approved by Frisco City Council Dec 2018

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