Jasin Burt – Creating a Craft Cocktail and Dining Culture

jasin burt - bottled in bond

Interview #41

Pull up a seat at the dark, hardwood bar that the runs the length of the restaurant, order your favorite classic cocktail, and sink into the feeling that you could be on the set of a Humphrey Bogart movie. Jason Burt founder and owner of Bottled In Bond, has created the ultimate intimate lounge experience here in Frisco.

Show Notes:

0:30 – Is Bottled In Bond REALLY a “speakeasy?”
1:08 – How did Jasin get to Frisco
1:43 – Is this Jasin’s first restaurant concept? Why did he choose Frisco?
2:33 – Where did the idea for Bottled In Bond originate
4:14 – Who designed the restaurant
5:05 – What’s the vibe of the craft cocktails and the chef-driven menu
6:29 – What’s coming new this fall at Bottled In Bond

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