Jennifer Harper – Bringing FRESH to Frisco

Interview #75

From California to Frisco, Jennifer Harper is bringing FRESH to Frisco with the Frisco Fresh Market. As the second outdoor market space on the city scene, this unique mix of shopping, dining, entertainment, and culture thrives between Toyota Stadium and the Rail District.

Show Notes:

1:08 – What Jennifer’s background and how did she get to Frisco
1:52 – What is the Frisco Fresh Market and how did Jennifer become involved
3:00 – Who are the vendors in Frisco Fresh Market
4:40 – Is the Frisco Fresh Market completely full with vendors
5:06 – What events are coming up at the Market from now through the end of the year
6:24 – How have the citizens of Frisco received the Frisco Fresh Market and will The Fair be back
7:25 – How you can get involved with the Frisco Fresh Market – either as a shopper or a vendor

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