Kartland Frisco: The Original Drive-By Birthday Party

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You’ve all seen the signs in the front yards of your neighborhoods or the neighborhoods of others. Those festive landscapes of birthday wishes to the kid who can’t have a traditional birthday party this year because, well, let’s just say because of “stuff.”

So, the family puts the signs out in the lawn with all the colors and balloons, and they invite friends and family to drive past the house, honk their horns, wave, and yell “happy birthday” to this child who would much rather be hanging out with friends as the candles are blown out.

But what if you could do a real birthday drive by? Of course, that’s a rhetorical question because I’m about to tell you the answer. Otherwise, why would I write this article? That’s another rhetorical question. I’m getting paid for this.

Introducing Kartland Performance Indoor Raceway in Frisco and their efforts to continue to provide a fun, exciting party experience in the midst of a time when people are rightfully concerned about leaving the house.

Kartland Performance Indoor Raceway 2

Kartland is a premier, family-owned indoor racing experience right here in Frisco, Texas. Located near John W. Elliott Drive and All Stars Avenue, this state of the art, 50,000 square foot facility accommodates any and all drivers.

50,000 Square Feet of Safety and Speed

Kartland’s Kim Sheehy wants you to know that a facility of 50,000 square feet means you can safely distance at your party or event. There’s plenty of room to social distance while socializing and masks are required for staff and guests. This is important for staying safe or an easy excuse, if you’re the birthday boy, to not have awkward kisses forced upon you from that aunt you rarely see who wears too much lipstick.

Kartland provides full face head socks for racers to wear under their helmets (bonus: you get to take them with you when you leave), and all helmets are placed into a Sani box between each use which sterilizes and disinfects the helmet with UV light.

Also, all karts are diligently cleaned by the staff with alcohol wipes between each racing event. I know the words “alcohol” and “racing” don’t normally sound like a good combination, but we’re good here. Hand sanitizer is available throughout the facility, and every racer is required to musk up upon entering and exiting the racing pit.

Kartland Performance Indoor Raceway 4

Additionally, all Kartland employees are required to stay home if they have any COVID symptoms or if they have possibly been exposed to anyone who has tested positive for COVID.

So in summary, you’ll get to have a party, you’ll be safe, you’ll get to race a kart wearing a helmet cleaned by space science, and you will get a head sock to take home. I’m not seeing the negative here. I’ve never worn a head sock much less had someone say, “You know what? You can keep that for yourself.”

Customize Your Ride

Sheehy mentions that normally there’s a minimum of seven racers required to schedule a party, but that policy is temporarily suspended due to, as I said earlier, “stuff.” This affords racers the flexibility to customize a party to a size they feel safe and comfortable with.

Kartland Performance Indoor Raceway 3

Contact Kartland Indoor Performance Racing to book your next party. Visit Kartland’s website or call them at 972-727-7223. Birthday parties are a great and popular idea but think of all the other reasons to schedule an event at Kartland.

Kartland offers:

  • Birthday Parties for ages 6 and up
  • Birthday Parties for ages 12 and up
  • Graduation Parties
  • Bachelor Parties
  • Bachelorette Parties
  • Small Team Building Parties with a meeting room

But don’t let that pump the brakes on your ideas. Here are some other party ideas that I’m just throwing out there that are not solicited by Kartland but they also haven’t said “no” to yet.

  • Divorce Parties (“Drive away from a bad relationship”)
  • Payday Parties (“More affordable than the Winstar”)
  • I Hit My Weight Goal Parties (“A healthy competition”)
  • Driver’s Education Parties (“This isn’t how driving really works so enjoy it”)
  • I Finally Found My Birth Mother Parties (“I have your eyes and your first-place trophy”)
  • Energy Drink Parties (“I feel the need, the need for speed”)
  • Beyonce Appreciation Parties (“To the left, to the left”)
  • And so much more!

Tailgating is Allowed

I’m not saying you can’t still do the signs in the front yard for your little prince or princess and have people drive by your house while honking and waving. I’m just saying after all of those people have done their part, meet them over at Kartland to do a real birthday party drive by. Hop your birthday butts into a righteous race kart and then wave to everyone as you zoom past them.

Kartland 0F0A5423

Kartland Performance Indoor Raceway opens at 11 am Monday through Friday and 10 am on the weekends. The last checkered flag waves at 10 pm Monday through Thursday, 11 pm Fridays and Saturdays, and 8 pm on Sundays. Put the pedal down and plan your next party ASAP. Why not? That’s another rhetorical question.

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