Knockout Stress (Literally) and Restore Your Health

Do you feel more like binge-watching Netflix with a bag of potato chips than walking your dog on a warm and beautiful day? Or do you find that lately you have begun to avoid social situations and prefer to be alone? Stress might be the culprit. Don’t underestimate the effects that stress can have on your body.

That reoccurring headache or chest pain you might be experiencing on a regular basis could actually be triggered by stress. It can also cause fatigue, sleep issues, and mess with the libido. (Not in a positive way either – think dysfunctions!)

stressOver time, uncontrolled stress also has the potential to lead to multiple chronic health conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes.

Then there's your psyche…which is so underrated in our Western culture but can definitely be hampered by too much stress. Add to that societal norms that expect you to exude joy and happiness at all times and that can be exhausting especially when you’re experiencing emotions such as sadness, depression, anxiety, and a sense of being overwhelmed.

You might remember the conflicting emotions experienced by the character Riley in the Pixar movie Inside Out? Familiar? Don’t fret because you can eliminate stress and restore your health and sanity.

Relief is Just a Punch Away

Most of us know that an active lifestyle helps to eliminate stress because it stimulates dopamine to be released causing you to feel happier. BUT not all exercises are created equal when it comes to purging all those pent-up emotions.

boxing gloves fitness womanIn the case of boxing, you'll experience a physical and mental cathartic release each time you strike that 100-pound bag.

For example, you can visualize the bag as your stressor and with each punch thrown, imagine you’re pummeling away all that unwanted tension and frustration.

For those of you vying to hit a moving object, you look forward to your turn during class when you get to punch at the trainer while they wear focus mitts. It's a great way to unleash all your stress! Plus focus mitt sessions also help you to develop punching techniques and improve reflexes. (Unlike when you were a kid and got into trouble for hitting your sibling… this is guilt-free hitting! Hooray!)

Title Boxing Frisco 2Drive, Uber, or stroll right down the road to Title Boxing Club Frisco off Preston, just south of SH-121. TBC Frisco understands that most people’s lives are riddled with stress.

They also know that it can be scary to try something new so from the moment you walk through the door they'll be there to welcome you and answer any questions you have about your personal concerns about health and fitness.

Imagine 60 Worry-Free Minutes

TBC Frisco utilizes the fundamentals of a true boxer’s workout which will keep you in perpetual motion for sixty solid minutes. During a class, you won’t have time for your mind to wander or worry about any of life’s pressures. Your brain will be completely focused on applying boxing techniques; keeping your hands up to protect your face, a slight crouch, punching combinations (jab, hook, cross, and uppercut), left hip facing the bag and rolling side to side.

Title Boxing Frisco 3During class, the trainers will provide helpful tips. They don’t just stay in one spot like some fitness instructors but move from one member to the next throughout the entire class.

My favorite tip comes from TBC Frisco Trainer Jeremie Holloway. “Don’t Pterodactyl your arms.” It’s his funny way of telling you not to get up close and personal with the bag. You should stand with your left hip facing the bag and fully extend out your arm. This allows you to have momentum when you're throwing a punch.

Totally new to fitness boxing?

More tips like these are just an introductory session away. To begin, you'll need a set of wraps and boxing gloves to protect your wrists, knuckles, and hands. (On your initial visit, TBC Frisco will provide you with a loaner set.) Don’t worry about trying to figure out how to properly wrap your hands…the trainers will assist you.

Classes are offered Monday – Sundays and accommodate the craziest of schedules. They have 5:30 am classes for those early risers that like to get a jump start their day. Nooner sessions are available to help you re-energize and successfully knockout your afternoon. And naturally, happy hour and evening sessions are on the schedule if you want to end your day with a stress-relieving punch.

title-boxing-club-frisco-tx-logoRestore your health and well-being and book a boxing session! At TITLE Boxing Club Frisco, your first punch is free and you might discover that it’s the best remedy for living a stress-free life!

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