Major League Roofing Has the Right Pitch for Your Home

Jason Hamilton and Steve Nathan met playing baseball, and they've worked hard to ensure their business is worthy of “The Show.”

Steve Nathan, Co-Owner, Major League Roofing, shared,

Jason chose the name ‘Major League Roofing' because, in baseball, that's the highest level you can reach. Only the best, a very small percentage make it to that level, and we want to be the top company in residential and commercial roofing.

The company was launched in 2013 by Jason Hamilton, who brought decades of residential and commercial construction experience as a lead construction manager for Verizon and other businesses.

Steve Nathan teamed up with Hamilton in 2015, bringing years of accounting, legal and executive experience. Nathan shared,

When Jason and I discussed partnering, we thought we could bring the best of both worlds together to grow a credible and successful roofing company.

To introduce our Lifestyle Frisco audience to Major League Roofing we conducted a question and answer session to allow Nathan and Hamilton to tell their story.

Lifestyle Frisco: How did your business begin?

Steve Nathan: The genesis of our business in 2013 was sparked by Jason's relationship with Jeff Cheney and his need for roofing assistance with his real estate business at Keller Williams.

Jason Hamilton: Also, now we're the preferred vendor for Keller Williams Frisco and Keller Williams Central, part of Keller Williams' Preferred Roofer program.

Lifestyle Frisco: My impression as a consumer and as a homeowner is that there's a lot of roofing companies in North Texas, and all the roofers around the area kind of keep an eye on the sky, looking for the next hailstorm and looking for business to…literally…fall out of the sky. What sets you apart from all the rest?

Steve Nathan: We have credentials that most roofers don't have. The first one is the license. It's actually a roofing license. It's a volunteer license because Texas, unfortunately, does not make licenses mandatory. Very few roofers actually get licensed and we are one of those roofers and that is issued by RCAT, an organization called the Roofing Contractors Association of Texas. In addition, we are Haag Certified. Haag is the standard that all the insurance companies must go through to identify hail damage, so we have the same accreditation that the insurance adjusters have for identifying damage. And by being Haag Certified, the customer can feel confident that we will protect their interests by identifying all the damage that they've suffered.

Lifestyle Frisco: So you have the same training and expertise that an insurance adjuster would have, and even more certifications to give you credibility and assuring your competence.

Steve Nathan: That's right. We're also accredited by the NRCA, which is the National Roofing Contractors Association, and the NTRCA, which is the North Texas Roofing Contractor Association. They all have background checks, education requirements, continuing education requirements, things like that to ensure our installers maintain the highest level of competence and ability.

Lifestyle FriscoAnd I understand the materials Major League Roofing uses distinguishes you, too.

Steve Nathan: We mainly sell a product called CertainTeed. First of all, that is not a single you can go to Home Depot or Lowe's and buy. You have to be a legitimate, accredited roofer to sell that product. And then on top of that, they have certain classifications for their roofers. We have the highest certification with CertainTeed that's called “Select Shingle Master.” As a Select Shingle Master, people in our company need to pass a Master Shingle Applicator certification test every year. That's where the continuing education comes in.

Jason Hamilton: When you are a Select Shingle Master you're in the top one percent of roofers in the entire nation. Also, we're one of five roofers in the DFW area that are preferred vendors for the Alacrity Credentialed Contractor Network.

Steve Nathan: We’re also a preferred vendor for Allstate Insurance in this area through the Alacrity Credentialed Contractor Network. When they don't want to send an adjuster out to look at one of the roofs, they send us out. We actually do what's called Virtual Inspection for Allstate. Instead of Allstate sending an adjuster out, we go out, we take pictures, we provide the analysis, with the adjuster sitting back in the home office. Then, they either approve the claim or deny the claim based on the information we provide.

Jason Hamilton: And then the customer can hire us to do the work and they'll get a warranty not only from us but also from the Alacrity Credentialed Contractor Network.

Steve Nathan: And then another (accreditation) that we were just recently approved for is the Google Verified Roofer Program. When you do a search for roofers on Google, the results are based on the background checks and qualifications that roofing companies have to obtain.

Lifestyle Frisco: You don't just roof private homes. You have much bigger jobs, too, right?

Jason Hamilton: We've done townhome and apartment complexes, you know, 160-unit and 60-unit properties over the last couple of years. We do commercial for Wal-Mart. We've done distribution centers in Tyler, Texas, and Arkansas. We've installed roofing for Panera Bread locations, First Choice Hospitals, Chicken Express, and Whataburger. In excess of 500,000 square feet of roofing!

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Major League Roofing has extensive experience in handling hail storm damage, working with insurance, and general roofing services. Whether you need a full roofing inspection and replacement, or a quick roof repair, they have you covered.

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