Meet Frisco Business Advisor and Small Business Advocate Tiffany Swartz

Most of us know that using a realtor during the home-buying process is a smart move. But if you wouldn’t buy a home without a realtor, why are so many aspiring business owners willing to invest far more money – at greater risk – without the benefit of the same support?

Knowledge of the local market and related trends is indispensable when it comes to purchasing a home. How much more so when investing assets or taking out a loan on a business?

tiffany swartzEnter Tiffany Swartz. As Business Advisor and CEO of Transworld Business Advisors of North DFW, her knowledge of the small business landscape in Frisco is unsurpassed.

Why is Swartz the perfect broker for so many small-business owners in Frisco? She isn’t just passionate about her role as a business broker and a tireless advocate for her current clients – she's a cheerleader for the entire Frisco community and the future landscape of the city’s small businesses.

We cannot contain our excitement! We learned this morning that we've been selected as a Finalist in the Frisco Chamber of Commerce "NUMBER ONES" Gala in the "Small Business" category... We are HONORED! We thank our entire team, our clients, and most of all, YOU - our audience!!!Swartz’s radio show, “Life According to Tiff” celebrates voices in the Frisco community, small business ownership, and everyday life in Frisco. Swartz’s personality shines through the radio with the same charisma that animates her in person. She's also currently co-hosting the pre-game and half-time show for all of the Texas Legends home games with Mark Wariner, CEO and Producer of KGVI.

Additionally, Tiffany is sponsoring a series of podcasts in partnership with Lifestyle Frisco to help educate and inform small business owners and prospective buyers. When I spoke with Swartz, her excitement couldn't be contained.

There's just nowhere like Frisco for a small business to succeed. The networking opportunities, the Chamber of Commerce, the support that business owners are willing to provide for each other… Frisco is an amazing place to be a business owner.”

Swartz expressed concern, though, that excitement over the idea of owning a business frequently trumps the common sense and deep knowledge necessary for financial success.

I'm always amazed at how many people are willing to buy a business without a broker. When buying a house, it’s pretty unusual to lose all of the money you put in, but with a business, that’s a commonality! If you wouldn’t buy a house without a realtor, why on earth would you consider buying a business without a broker? I so wish clients would seek out the support of a broker in advance of making these enormous financial decisions – clients will frequently seek me out after the fact when they are stuck and sometimes I have to break bad news to them that it’s really too late to completely rescue the mistakes that have been made.

It became obvious quickly that Swartz has a substantial knowledge of the small business landscape in Frisco. Curious to learn more, I pressed her for some current perspective. Swartz shared,

The rising rent of spaces for small business is concerning. I’m nervous for new business owners. It’s hard to sell a business when the rent is suddenly going to go through the roof as soon as the business changes hands – there goes the profit.

transworld_lobbySwartz promises to share a lot more details about the ins and outs of buying and selling a business in Frisco as well as more of her insights in the coming months through her Lifestyle Frisco podcasts. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, if you’ve ever considered selling your business, or buying a new one, schedule a FREE consultation with Tiffany.

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