Members of The 12 Discover Unparalleled Results

Texas loves nothing more than a little bit of grit and sweat with its hustle, so we're thrilled that something new is coming for you straight from California!

The 12, a high-intensity group training class concept featuring weight training and cardio, will open its doors this April in the heart of The Shops at Legacy next door to the Dallas/Plano Marriott at Legacy Town Center.

12GroupTrainingSignThe highly anticipated training studio will be filled with Cali-inspired fitspo with a Texas flair. Known for their dynamic, energy-infused, results-driven workouts, the state-of-the-art facility is just steps away from the boutique shops, retail stores, and restaurants we've all come to love.

Change is good and brings opportunity for all. In fact, The 12 brand was born from the two founders' need for dramatic change in their own lives.

Founding partners and entrepreneurs, Josh Boyd and Derek Graham, were struggling with weight loss and the negative impact it was having on their health.

In fact, Josh’s condition was such that his physician was concerned he might not make it to his 40th birthday. Like so many individuals chasing the Corporate American dream, after more than a decade of 12 hour days, client dinners and drinks, and a predominantly sedentary lifestyle, it began to take a serious toll on their health.

After both men experienced serious health scares, they became focused on a new dream…

The Pursuit of Well-Being

Josh and Derek elected to embrace change head-on by designing their own 12 week fitness challenge. In the process, it became a game-changer for their lives as they lowered their body fat, lowered their blood pressure, and recognized a sense of peace, feeling better than ever physically, mentally and emotionally.

This shift in their lives led them to start The 12 in 2013 with its dynamic group training classes and highly personalized nutritional coaching programs. Now recognized as industry leaders and innovators, The12 is at the forefront of the fitness industry.

Unparalleled Results

How is this different from other fitness classes or workouts? To date, there has NEVER been a duplicate workout in the training studio. Yes, you read that right. The 12 designs new workouts for each day of the week that target specific muscle groups, like legs or core, and tailors the workouts to a unique set of movements for the class using free weights, resistance bands, body weight, and treadmills.

By having ever-changing workouts, the body is far less resistant to hit a plateau. Meaning, you will consistently see results and never get bored.

They’ve also found a way to build community in a Texas-size kind of way. They ‘go big' on community events where “12Nation” comes out in droves to support one another. In fact, they credit The 12 community as a big part of what sets them apart. The motivation, support, and connection help each member push through their challenging workouts.

Why be a 10 when you can be a 12?

Classes will be offered daily Monday – Sunday, morning through early evening, to accommodate everyone from the early riser to the busy mom and corporate executive. In a rush and need to maximize your time? The studio will have beautiful locker rooms complete with showers and additional amenities.

The 12 wholeheartedly believes that every single person who walks through the door has incredible potential, and that inner strength and purpose are discovered when a person is tested physically, mentally, and spiritually.

For many members, The 12 becomes a second home. In a chaotic and fast-paced society, The 12 offers a sanctuary where members can connect with like-minded people.

The 12 Community gives members strength to overcome some of the most difficult times in their lives. They accept, nurture, and grow the broken, the insecure, the lost, the depressed, the less-than-perfect. The 12 is more than just a one-hour workout.

It's all about the clients’ experience from the moment they step into the gym… The 12 team understands that for many individuals, just walking through the door takes tremendous courage.

The trainers are there to support new clients from day 1 of their personal health journey. As the founders say,

The 12 becomes a welcoming space where members can get in a workout without judgement and feel a real sense of belonging at any fitness level and with any fitness goal in mind. To date, there are no other group training fitness classes other than at The 12 where each day, 365 days a year, you get a completely different workout that is scientifically developed to sculpt, shape and shred unwanted weight.

The 12 training studio is located at 7121 Bishop Rd, Plano, Texas. All new clients enjoy 2 Free Sessions; simply register via their website. To be in the know about details of the Grand Opening, connect via [email protected].

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