Mezze Fare with a Flavorful Flare at Zaytinya in Frisco

The Star in Frisco is home to the Dallas Cowboys, but it's also a landmark destination for uniquely delicious dining in North Texas. As the complex grows in size and notoriety, distinguished chefs and restaurateurs from around the globe are deciding to set down roots in the heart of Frisco.

One of the newer culinary destinations at the Star is Zaytinya, a delightfully unique fine dining restaurant with a Mediterranean flare and elevated flavor profiles you won't find anywhere else in North Texas.

Bringing Mediterranean Flavors to North Texas

Zaytinya's head chef Jon Thompson moved to the Dallas area in 2009, bringing over 23 years of culinary experience with him. With over 23 years of culinary experience, Chef Jon has worked with a number of notable chefs and opened his own restaurant, Sugarbacon Proper Kitchen.

When he heard that Zaytinya was expanding to a new location in North Texas, Chef Thompson jumped on the chance to get involved. The D.C. native was more than familiar with the work of Chef José Andrés, the founder of Zaytinya's flagship location in the nation's capital.

I knew his style and had lived in the neighborhood where all of his DC restaurants are located. I had my first real date with my wife at Jaleo (his flagship Tapas restaurant) and our last meal while living in DC at Zaytinya. – Jon Thompson, Head Chef at Zaytinya in Frisco

Thompson sold his shares of Sugarbacon and joined the Zaytinya team in 2017. The mezze-style restaurant draws inspiration from Greek, Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine, focusing on fresh, locally sourced ingredients and elevated twists on classic flavor combinations.

Zaytinya Frisco Interior BoothsSince the Zaytinya namesake carries substantial weight in the culinary world, Chef Jon and his Frisco team have focused on maintaining a close relationship with the original location.

While the dining and culinary styles of both locations are extremely similar, Chef Jon has worked to create a seamless blend throughout the brand, while still adding some unique touches to Zaytinya Frisco.

He collaborates with Chef Andrés on changes to existing dishes, but there are a number of Frisco exclusives that you won't find in other Zaytinya locations.

Combining Tradition with Culinary Creativity

While most mezze spots only draw from one cuisine, Zaytinya combines three distinct dining styles without losing the unique value of each one.

Zaytinya Private DiningThe restaurant's open kitchen and bold color scheme reflect the Mediterranian style of dining, while a wood-fired oven offers beautiful sights (and smells!) for diners.

Choose from a variety of fresh-made spreads, vegetarian options, seafood and meat dishes. Each plate is hand-curated with picture perfect presentation and inspiring flavor profiles that are sure to leave you hungry for more.

Zaytinya Frisco Seared Halloumi CheeseSnack on crispy brussels sprouts topped with a fresh yogurt spread, or try the Pan Seared Halloumi, complete with blood orange slices and fresh pomegranate molasses.

Guests can find traditional mezze offerings like tzatziki and kebabs, along with unique Zaytinya twists that combine classic elements of each cuisine they represent.

We seek to have a menu that pays homage to the traditions of the cuisines we represent, but at the same time we see what little bit we can change, usually in the scope of making the dishes brighter, lighter, more visually appealing, fresher, and we draw a bit from local products and seasonal selections to find the best. – Jon Thompson, Head Chef at Zaytinya in Frisco

Zaytinya Frisco Karpuzi me FetaZaytinya has teamed up with local business including K Bar K Ranch to source exceptional ingredients close to home. Chef Jon's expertise and creativity produce dishes that are as delicious as they are beautiful.

Combining fresh, bright produce with decadent meats, seafood or dairy products, he creates the perfect bite every time. Each dish is approved by Michelin starred chefs and features multi-faceted flavor combinations that you won't find anywhere else.

Pair your meal with a handcrafted cocktail, or choose from Zaytinya's expansive wine list, curated by a master sommelier.

Whether it's family dinner or a business lunch, Zaytinya's diverse menu truly has something for everyone. The mezze-style dishes encourage tasting, sharing and trying new things with friends or loved ones.

Zaytinya Frisco Knisa Lamb ChopsGuests can select their own combination of mezze plates to enjoy or opt for the chef-curated Zaytinya Experience. This multi-course meal takes diners on a tour of the most exotic flavors of the Mediterranean, guided by Head Chef Jon Thompson.

Take Dinner to the Next Level at Zaytinya

Next time you visit the Star in Frisco, stop by Zaytinya for Mezze Ora- Social Hour! Monday-Friday from 5-7 PM, enjoy a specially-priced menu, offering a selection of cocktails for $7, wines by the glass for $6 and beer for $5 in addition to an array of savory bites perfect for sharing.

Pork Belly Souvlaki_Kevin Marple Zaytinya

Photo credit: Kevin Marple

Be sure to try the Chef Experience during brunch or dinner service, ask about the latest off-menu or highlights, and be on the lookout for a brand new spring menu coming soon.

Monday-Thursday: 5 PM – 10 PM
Friday: 5 PM – 11 PM
Saturday: 11 AM – 11 PM (Brunch, 11 AM – 2:30 PM)
Sunday: 11 AM – 10 PM (Brunch, 11 AM – 2:30 PM)


The Star – 6655 Winning Dr. Suite 600
Frisco, TX 75034

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