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We all know that we have to eat to live… That said, eating should be delicious, satisfying, and healthy!

Sometimes choosing a place that appeals to you, your family, friends, and/or coworkers can be quite challenging with vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free, pescatarian, and meat eaters in the mix. Throw in the Ketogenic, Mediterranean, Zone, Raw food diet, and it’s nearly impossible to plan a meal with anyone!

Recently, I was faced with this very dilemma post-yoga. After working out, I’m always a bit hungry and sometimes even on the hangry side. Normally, lunch is a no-brainer for me to refuel. I typically eat a base of mixed greens or spinach topped with raw veggies, fruit and a protein.

It leaves me feeling satisfied without feeling stuffed or lethargic. But when my mother was in town, I didn’t know what to eat as her diet and mine are on opposite ends of the spectrum. Luckily a fellow yogi mentioned Modern Market as her go-to for farm fresh options, so I decided to give it a whirl!

Eat Well Be Happy

Modern Market is a brunch, lunch, and dinner eatery off Preston road near 121. I’ve passed the restaurant a million times but never noticed it because I was driving. Once I got there I found a clean and very modern restaurant, coupled with farm-fresh menu options to win over the most persnickety of eaters.

Modern MarketThey offer a wide array of fresh salads packed with nutrient-rich food. The SUPERduperFood salad has baby greens, kale, quinoa pilaf, blueberry granola, seasonal fruit, golden raisins, and carrots drizzled with raspberry chia dressing. This salad is almost like a dose of vitamins!

I opted for the ‘Farmers’ salad because it is loaded with all my favorites – mixed greens, seasonal fruit, feta, roasted corn, almonds, chicken, and a touch of champagne vinaigrette. Just the right mix of savory and sweet to make each bite delightful. Plus the salads come in half or whole sizes. The half was just the right amount for me and didn’t leave me feeling stuffed.

Lovers of Meat, Veggies or Grains…you’ll be inspired to eat!

Meat eaters might enjoy diving into the Curry Salmon Bowl, Lemongrass Pork Bowl, or the Smoky Chicken Bowl. These bowls feature warm heirloom rice, with veggies topped with meat. Vegans and Vegetarians can enjoy the Buddha Bowl that features tofu that has been soaked for twenty-four hours in a savory sesame tamari sauce.

Modern Market 3If you’re not a fan of greens and grains you can still find a lunch to love! Modern Market offers a creative twist to the traditional sandwich. They offer toasted sandwiches such as Blueberry Pesto which was originally a seasonal item but due to popularity is now a regular feature on the menu. They also have sandwiches such as Basil Chicken, the Chipotle Steak or Chicken, and the Pulled Pork Banh Mi. It’s also nice that these are on fresh ciabatta!

Who doesn’t love pizza? (especially if it’s kid-friendly!)

It will take approximately 5 minutes to make you a brick oven pizza with fresh mozzarella. My personal favorite is the Margherita with mozzarella, basil, and sauce. For pepperoni lovers – you don’t have to worry about becoming sick from the nitrates. Modern Market utilizes nitrate free Creminelli pepperoni. The pizzas, similar to salads, are served in a small or large portion. A large size is perfect for sharing.

Need to warm up?

As we move into fall, consider a seasonal soup to warm you up! Who doesn’t enjoy a fresh bowl of Tomato Basil? If you’re a sweet potato fan opt for the Sweet Potato Curry. These are seasonal items, but a year-round favorite is the Green Chicken Chili. This soup screams Football Sunday!

Modern Market 2If you’re in pursuit of a place to enjoy a cage-free egg, Modern Market is the brunch place for you. They offer a variety of breakfast bowl, burritos, and sandwiches to appease anyone.

Avocado lovers you can delight over their Modern Avo Toast or Everything Avo Toast. Both are made on delicious toasted sourdough bread.

With Modern Market’s diverse menu, you don’t have to worry about that who-likes-what lunchtime dilemma. And since they cook from scratch with fresh ingredients you know it will be a healthy and satisfying meal!

What’s your favorite brunch, lunch, or dinner spot in the area? Leave me a comment below!

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