Motorcycle Insurance Explained

Our Motorsports program, which is new, is going to have a real good impact in the industry We have a lot of good discounts

We have the right pricing for the right risk going on We have excellent claims service to go with that Motorcycle riders, they're gonna want to have American Modern take care of the claims when they have one We have a very wide range of what we accept on our motorcycle program We have anything from supersport type bikes, to Harley Cruisers, to trikes

We also in the motorsports program include ATV and UTV, the old side by sides The most important coverages you have for your motorcycle are obviously our comprehensive and collision Collision, if you're in an accident – it takes care of it Also, comprehensive, if it's a deer hit, theft, fire, things like that But probably, in reality, liability is probably your most critical one, which could cost you the most, if you don't have it

That's if you accidentally hurt somebody else or damage somebody else's property I believe we have the best motorcycle claims service in the industry The amount of training that our adjusters go through, we've become experts at handling damage to motorcycles You got shops out there, that are very good at repairing the bikes, we are actually good at assessing damage and getting the customer taken care of, and getting that bike back to pre-loss condition