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I'm Chris Coraggio joined today by Ari Levenbaum of law Tigers-America's motorcycle lawyers Ari, thanks for being here Thank you for having us And here is this bike shop This is where the journey starts right? The next step after you purchase a motorcycle is thinking about that all-important insurance

You guys are not insurance agents, but you're everything motorcycle related Right, we are the motorcycle attorneys so deal with insurance companies all the time We represent riders who have been in an accident So we know what we're talking about when it comes to insurance And that's why we can have you here to talk about why is motorcycle insurance different than auto insurance? And there are many differences between the two when someone's in a motorcycle accident they need to have adequate coverage not basic or state required coverage which is very minimal but much higher levels and one type that we recommend is uninsured and underinsured motorist

This coverage covers a rider in the unlikely event that the other party the person that hits them doesn't have any or enough insurance It helps them with medical bills, time off work, injuries pain and suffering so it's not that expensive it's a few hundred dollars extra per year in most cases and you can't afford not to have it because you never know when you're going to be in an accident and that coverage is critical to get to making you whole And that type of scenario plays out often when you're talking about a motorcycle accident, right? Yes, the damages are severe in most cases and you've got to be ready to be covered and these coverage levels really do help you they get you you know the compensation that you that you deserve, and we we need that in order to get you that that type of compensation What about contacting a broker? Good question We recommend actually reaching out to a broker because an insurance broker can shop the rates

They can find the best insurance for you and your circumstances and you'll save money that way Because a lot of folks are thinking how much is it going to cost me Right and the difference actually between basic coverage and adequate coverage is not significant again it can be a few hundred extra dollars a year depending on the circumstances and you just can't afford not to have adequate coverage levels Folks if you or anybody you know he's been in a motorcycle accident or has any insurance questions just contact the Law Tigers We have a link that's right there on your screen there's a phone number that's right there on your screen and information about this document holder which you guys provide for free- Law Tigers document holder

It's got some great information about insurance and and other items on the back You can come to one of the local motorcycle shops we work with- they have them there or visit our website A couple of ways to get it Okay folks we appreciate it Ari thank you much

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