Music Street Frisco Breaks Ground in More Ways Than One

Last year following unanimous approval by both the Frisco City Council and Frisco Planning and Zoning Commission, we announced the approval of a unique concert and entertainment venue to be named Music Street Frisco (formerly referred to as Music City.)

Today, developers and executives will break ground on the 6.7-acre site on the east side of the North Platinum Corridor at McCandless Way, almost directly across the Tollway from the Dallas Cowboys mixed-use development; The Star and Frisco Station entertainment hub.

The location was purposely selected far away from neighborhoods to reduce sound disturbance to residents.

Designed by Dallas based Hodges Architecture, in conjunction with Nashville music concert engineers, the indoor and outdoor performance areas will employ state-of-the-art sound systems unlike anything existing in the surrounding communities.

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Both nationally-known and emerging music artists will be showcased in Frisco’s first “acoustically pure” tunable concert hall, with studio-quality recording capability to produce commercial music albums – a first for the Frisco area.

Broadcast capabilities are also integrated into the plans, allowing live streaming of events and consistent live video programming from the venue.

Music Street Frisco's Ground Breaking Plans

Detailed construction plans are now available for the unique, cutting-edge entertainment development.

  • a 1,024-seat indoor performance hall and 390-seat outdoor performance stage with state-of-the-art distributed sound systems unlike anything existing in the surrounding communities
  • A third, smaller performance stage will also be housed in the indoor dining area for occasional intimate and special star performances.
  • The two-level theater will also include skyboxes with drink service, plus a VIP / Corporate area for guests to meet the performers.
  • Both nationally known and emerging music artists will be showcased in Frisco’s first “acoustically pure” concert hall.

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  • Multiple restaurant options including a unique restaurant at the heart of the complex, which will include both formal and informal dining areas with a world-class steak and chop house featuring innovative cuisine and aged beef from a local source in Texas.

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  • The courtyard area, or “The Yard”, will feature six guest kitchens with offerings from a revolving list of chefs.
  • Multiple two-sided bars will serve both indoor and outdoor patrons simultaneously.
  • On the second level, there will be another bar complete with personal wine lockers as well as conference areas for private functions and/or corporate events.
  • A pavilion cover with large fans will increase guest comfort in the family-friendly courtyard.

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  • An innovative 25-foot tall sound containment wall, decorated with music graphics, will be installed along the south perimeter of the entertainment complex to minimize sound entering the outdoor performance area.
  • A 65-foot cinema screen, one of the largest used in movie theaters, along with several smaller screens will allow movie premieres, film festivals and E-gaming tournaments.
  • Ample parking will be provided within the parking garage and surface parking spaces.

A culmination of three years' work, lead architect Charles Hodges describes it this way:

It's a venue like nothing else we've ever seen. We can do music concerts and movie premieres. We can do live theater, opera, and symphony. We can do wine festivals and runway fashion. We've set this up for just about every opportunity.

Therefore, with huge versatility Music Street can host and accommodate almost any type of event:

  • Community, Charity and Corporate Events
  • School Musical Events
  • Esports Tournaments
  • Movie Premieres & Film Festivals
  • Wine and food festivals
  • Faith-based, Veterans, Comedy and Fashion Events
  • Speakers & Lectures
  • Professional Sound Recording
  • Broadcast Events

With expanding employment opportunities attracting a growing number of millennials to Frisco and surrounding areas, an increasing number of young adults are seeking live entertainment options. Various genres of music will be routinely scheduled, and broadcast capabilities are also included in the concert hall audio-visual design.

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As an advantage to visitors to Frisco, a full-service hotel is being planned directly next door, which could be convenient for guests and performers. Additional hotels are also located on the other side of the tollway at the Star and Frisco Station.

The enclosed Music Street building totals 52,044 square feet, and the open space (outdoor courtyard) adds another 30,996 square feet.

Scheduled to open late 2020 / early 2021, Collin County is set to hit a high note with this truly unique new music and entertainment development.

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