Nack Development – Reimagining a Destination in Downtown Frisco

Frisco continues to grow and develop with various groundbreakings and ribbon cuttings going on each week – and no signs of slowing down. At the heart of this busy city is the Historic Downtown area, more recently branded as The Rail District.

With old style farmhouses, wrap-around porches, picket fences, unique stores and eateries, this destination is experiencing a renaissance all its own. It has become an area finally worthy of gathering a lot of attention lately for its Downtown Master Plan; an exciting revitalization project.

Inspiration, Imagination, and Integrity

Patios at the Rail FriscoAn integral part of this redevelopment and the company with whom many give credit for raising the profile of the area is Nack Development. A boutique-style real estate development company, Nack is currently re-energizing pockets of land in the Rail District and bringing them to life in the form of business, retail, and unique residential spaces.

Progress on several mixed-use projects like The Tower at the Rail, The Patios at the Rail, The Calaboose, and a new performing arts destination will produce an exciting reimagined destination for a new generation. Nack knows that when downtown growth is smart, thoughtful, and considerate of the greater good and always mindful of its people and places.

A Long Line of Visionaries

Donny Churchman, CEO of Nack Development, has been in the Development Industry since 2001 and started this company two and a half years ago.


Wendi McGowan-Ellis, CEO and Co-Founder of Lifestyle Frisco, and Donny Churchman on the set of Lifestyle Profiles

He comes from a long line of visionaries who quite simply devoted their lives to the potential and growth their city could produce. Cultivating ideas is built into his DNA.

His Grandmother, Katie Nack, served in various roles in Pasadena, CA on the planning commission, School District Board, City Council and finally as the city’s mayor.

His grandfather, Donald Nack, (hence Nack Development) founded his own engineering consulting firm and won multiple lifetime awards for progressive designs in energy efficiency. Churchman’s mother and aunt carved out significant roles serving their local city, county, and elected officials while his uncle owns and still operates a successful Californian engineering firm.

Churchman, a Frisco resident with more than 15 years behind him as a lobbyist in the homebuilding industry, a land acquisition/entitlement executive and a sought-after consultant, he now uses this experience to develop real estate projects across the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

The Tower at The Rail

Nack is particularly focused on the revitalization of downtown areas, specializing in niche redevelopment projects that add value and pride to an area with a strong sense of community in residents and merchants. Garnering inspiration from growing up in a family committed to city service, Churchman has an inspiring vision for the Rail District area in historic downtown Frisco.

He sees it as a jewel destination needing a face-lift, but one that should stay true to its historic roots and character. He explains,

Nack is an authentic, ethical real estate development company that listens to the community and creates Legacy projects that residents can benefit from for years to come.

Nack considers itself a unique developer with the patience, vision, and fortitude to put land deals together and redevelop downtown areas. They believe anything can be achieved in an area where you have a clear vision and paint a future picture of what is possible, yet still pay tribute to its historic past.

Nack-Development-Logo-500x500pixChallenges are plentiful and there are many reasons to give up when working with an existing area, but as progress is made, the rewards are quite satisfying.

The City of Frisco welcomes the vision of Nack Development and shares the idea to embrace and develop the Rail District of Frisco as a destination not to ‘go through’ but to ‘go to’. Churchman adds,

We can embrace a servant’s attitude toward providing value to the residents, merchants, City Council, and company investors, making moving forward an easier task.

Current and Upcoming Projects in Frisco

Right now the Patios at the Rail, situated on the old Double Dip and car wash site has broken ground (our longest-standing residents will remember it was once the Dairy Queen), as has the Tower at the Rail right opposite the landmark Frisco Water Tower.

Retail merchants, restaurants, and businesses will all be incorporated into the Patios, while the Tower will provide residential townhomes just a couple of blocks from the local buzz of the downtown area.

Calaboose Nack Dev

The Calaboose

Moving west and closer to the rail line, The Calaboose is another mixed-use project providing unique residential offerings in the form of Brownstone homes with rooftop terraces and 24,000 square feet of office space.

Walkability and connectivity are a key factor in all these projects and fall in line with the overall Downtown Frisco Master Plan, where the goal is for people to ‘spend time’ gathering, enjoying all downtown has to offer but never being far from work or home.

Luxury living that is walkable to shopping, dining, and work may be a new concept here, but something homebuyers want to experience. Nack will provide more boutique shopping, office space, dining, and entertainment for the lucky residents who will be purchasing the brownstone homes at The Tower and The Calaboose.

Nack Theater

Nack Theater

One of the more exciting developments receiving a lot of positive attention and support is the Nack Theater. A project in partnership with former MLB player Torii and Katrina Hunter, it will provide a permanent residence for the North Texas Performing Arts to hold their rehearsals and performances.

The Theater will serve as an entertainment venue for the Rail District by providing comedy nights, recitals, and performances for the residents of Frisco to attend in an intimate, yet enjoyable environment.

Looking to the future for Nack Development, other projects in the Rail District are on the horizon and they intend to expand to other cities to continue their focus on the redevelopment of downtowns. Churchman says,

Through market research, we are confident that this lower-maintenance kind of lifestyle is what will be desired by homebuyers.

Keep your eye on historic downtown Frisco. Passionate individuals like Donny Churchman, his company, and many other stakeholders in the community are eager to make The Rail District a wonderful place to visit, stay, and play for many years to come.