Only You Can Save Christmas, Frisco!

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This article is sponsored by Countdown 2 Escape.

Just when you thought nothing else could go wrong in 2020, we’ve discovered there’s a shortage of Christmas toys!

But don’t worry, Santa’s elves haven’t gone on strike due to poor socially distanced working conditions, they’ve just mischievously hidden some holiday treasures for you to find at Frisco’s finest escape room, Countdown 2 Escape.

Countdown 2 Escape 1 5C2Ee is rolling out the yuletide joy — and their latest holiday room, The Case of the Missing Toys — Saturday, November 21 through January 3.

This moderately difficult escape room is perfect for the whole family — getting you out of the house and those rigid winter routines, and into a safe, warm place where memories can be made as you follow clues, piece together leads, and solve the case of the missing toys before Christmas nears.

It’s an amazing opportunity to bond and connect as there’s a job and task for all ages.

Countdown 2 Escape, located in Frisco’s beloved Rail District, is the perfect pit stop before walking to a nearby dining location, or perhaps even as a nightcap. Finish off a date night or girls’ night out with some clue solving, team building, and an awesome perk, BYOB — a cheaper and better alternative to having fun during the holiday season.

Countdown 2 Escape 2As our weather turns colder, and we’re forced indoors, Countdown 2 Escape offers endless possibilities to move your body and expand your brain—especially during the upcoming school breaks. Get a group of teenagers together so they can put down the phone and think, talk, and play.

Buy a room experience for your teachers for the holiday break, pitching in with other class parents, or give a gift to your coach as an end-of-the-season thank you.

In addition to their holiday room, Countdown 2 Escape also offers two other adventures, The Lost Jewel of Zanzibar and Tension, readily available now for private bookings.

Owners Fred and Shannon Hammond have taken extra precautions to make sure their boutique escape rooms are sanitized to the highest of standards. Every time a group leaves a room, the space is cleaned with hospital-grade disinfectant provided by The Cleaning Force in the Rail District, infrared UV Wands (which have the power to disinfect in seconds using focused LED UVC light), and additional sanitary procedures.

Countdown 2 Escape 3So much has changed this year, but Countdown 2 Escape is still shining merry and bright. Follow the twinkle lights to Frisco’s Rail District for a new holiday tradition.

One that’s sure to unwrap the best kind of memories. (If you can crack the code.)