Opa! Where to Find Great Gyros in Frisco


OK, I’ll admit it, the results are in. Gyros are hands-down one of my favorite foods. It all started back in my hometown at a long-gone Greek sandwich shop near the University of Tulsa.

I don’t even remember actually having my first gyro, at least not where I got it, but I do remember that I was instantly hooked. Since then, I’ve surely consumed thousands of them, many of them tasty and just a few of them forgettable.

And since I’ve called Frisco home since 2003, I’ve come to appreciate five spots in our community that dish out these Greek gems. Here’s the rundown.

Chicago’s Taste and More Food Truck

This Chicago-themed food truck hails from the 817 and is a regular visitor to our own little piece of food truck heaven, the Frisco Rail Yard.

Chicago’s gyro is a must-try as it comes overflowing with meat, tomatoes, onions and tzatziki sauce all within the friendly confines of a tasty pita. And yes, they also have plenty of other Chicago specialties like the famed Chicago dog and Italian beef to satisfy any Windy City-related cravings you might be having. Teri, the owner of Chicago’s, serves all her food with a big smile and a kind word, two other reasons to add this food truck to your list.

Mary’s Mediterranean Café

Greek foodMary’s might hold the distinction of serving one of the bigger gyros on this list and the price is also right for their gyro sandwich at just $6.49 a la carte. For a few bucks more, $3 to be exact, diners can add either a salad, some Greek veggies and a drink. The gyros served at Mary’s aren’t just about quantity, however, they’re also about quality as the ingredients are fresh and the gyros are tough to beat.

Platia Greek Kouzina

Platia has been serving up Greek food here in Frisco longer than anyone else on the list and their gyros, listed on the menu as “Original Yiros (Gyros),” which cost just $6.45, are simply delectable.

Platia’s gyros come with the standard accompaniments of onion, tomato and tzatziki sauce all served on a wonderful fresh piece of pita bread. And they also serve a nice range of side items to perfectly complement one of their gyros, like Greek rice or roasted Greek potatoes, both $2.75, or a hearty order of Greek fries, which feature feta cheese, oregano and lemon juice for just $3.50.

Bonus: Platia made our ‘best desserts’ listing, as well!


Renowned celebrity chef Jose Andres opened the second location of his well-received Mediterranean spot at The Star in Frisco earlier this year (the original location is in Washington, DC), and as expected, it earned rave reviews.

Zaytinya only offers its gyro as part of the lunch menu and it’s $16, but it comes with slow-roasted lamb shoulder, house-pickled veggies, and tzatziki sauce. If that weren’t enough, Greek fries accompany this impressive offering from their Michelin-starred chef.


A stone’s throw from Zaytinya sits Ziziki’s, the other Mediterranean themed-eatery at The Star. Ziziki’s offers its gyros with an absolute abundance of meat, onions and tzatziki sauce in a fresh pita. At $14, it is one of the pricier gyros on the list, but the gyro itself was quite filling and the Greek potatoes which accompanied this hearty sandwich more than filled me up.

So, if you’re looking for a great gyro in Frisco, try one of these spots. And if you have any hidden gems of your own, let me know in the comments section below.

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