P5 Performance: The Wellness Center for Human Potential Medicine

Ready to go alternative?

I’m not talking about music… Rather, alternative, human potential medicine at P5 Performance in Frisco Square.

With so many of us battling high levels of stress, low energy, anxiety, chronic pain, and weight management issues, P5 saw the need to create a wellness model that brought all health care specialists together under one roof.

They have a medical doctor, chiropractor, registered nurse, personal trainers, and functional rehab specialist working together for each patient’s personal plan.

P5’s programs are personalized, prescriptive, precise, preventive, and performance-enhancing. (Hence the name P5!)

P5 Performance specializes in:

  • Physical Rehab
  • Functional Medicine
  • Muscle Recovery and Pain Relief
  • Weight Loss & Performance Enhancement

Recently I had the privilege of trying a few of the therapies at P5:

P5 Performance 2

Cupping Therapy

Although celebs and Olympic athletes brought cupping into the spotlight, did you know this practice goes way back in time to 1550 BC? Yep, the Ancient Egyptians used the procedure to improve blood flow.

At P5, the same ancient technique can help relieve your sore muscles along with nerve and musculoskeletal pain. Cupping has been touted for improving fertility and digestive conditions and might knock out a debilitating headache.

If you’re not familiar with cupping, let me explain. A therapist will begin the session with a cupping massage to determine what areas are tight. This also helps to identify where tissues aren’t sliding properly.

Small cups are then suctioned to your body. The suction device looks similar to a wine pump (minus the vino). When the muscle is under tension it causes blood to rush to the area and loosen up tight muscles.

P5 Performance 3Cupping also causes the suctioned area to change color. The darker the skin turns the more stagnant the area. Those tight areas might turn purple…but in the end, you’ll feel so much better.

I loved cupping! I opted to have cups placed on my low back region because it tends to ache. My therapist Megan placed cups at the base of my spine first then added cups up along the spine to the shoulders.

I found the procedure to be very relaxing. Megan also identified areas of my body that I didn’t recognize as being sore. (Note: stagnant areas can feel a little more tender during cupping.)


First utilized in the 1970s as an alternative treatment for rheumatoid arthritis, today it’s used to help reduce inflammation and relieve whole body pain. Cryo is also touted for rejuvenating skin and supporting weight loss.

How does Cryo work? You’ll step into what I refer to as the “Freezer Tank” wearing your skivvies, protective gear (dry socks, gloves, and shoes provided by P5). You choose your temperature starting at Level 1 (-166) up to Level 10 (-247). (All first-timers will start at Level 1.)

P5 Performance 5

Cold air or liquid nitrogen vapors disperse around your body for several minutes. This causes the outer layer of skin to drop to a freezing point forcing the body to work harder. Since your body thinks it’s freezing, it goes into a protective state by redirecting blood flow. It directs blood from your arms and legs to the central core.

Upon exiting the chamber your body rebounds back to a normal state. Then an enriched blood flow generates back to your limbs.

Compression Therapy

If hopping into a cold tank doesn’t ring your bell consider kicking back for a 30-minute compression session. It will ease your achy muscles and you’ll experience benefits of walking 5 miles (but minus the workout).

P5 Performance 1

Simply slip on a pair of boots for your legs or a sleeve for your hips. Then compressed air fills the sleeve, molding to your body. (Think old school blood pressure cuffs but improved!)

Instead of static compression (squeezing), the system uses a three technique system: pulsing compression, gradients, and distal release. Not only does the session enhance blood flow and speed up recovery time, but it feels awesome.

IV Vitamin Therapy

Although most of us don’t typically raise our hands for a shot, you’ll want P5’s sticks and pricks! They offer several shots to improve your well-being.

Take, for instance, the Skinny Shots that are designed to assist a weight loss regimen. The concoction is loaded with B vitamins, amino acids, and lipotropic agents. It also has liver supporting nutrients. The Skinny speeds up your metabolism and gives you a mega boost of energy.

running energyI loved the shot! As someone who struggles with energy levels due to Grave’s disease, I found it supercharged my battery. I had a plethora of energy for a week post-shot.

If you say “no” to beef and other animal products, consider P5’s B12 shot. It’s one vitamin your body needs to support nerve cell function, red blood cell formation, and to produce DNA.

Unfortunately, your body can’t produce B12 on its own. It’s a vitamin found naturally in meat. This tends to put vegans and vegetarians at risk for a deficiency. The injection will help right those levels.

B12 shots are also beneficial if you suffer from anemia, Chrons or celiac disease. And the beauty of B12 shots you can’t overdose on them. Whatever your body doesn’t need will be released during urination.

If you have the sniffles or suffer from autoimmune conditions try a Myer’s cocktail. I hate to break it to you, but there’s no liquor involved… However, it will take your immune system from puny to feeling strong. The injections are power-packed with electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals. You might even feel a mood boost and an extra dose of energy.

What are you waiting for?

These are just a few of the areas in which P5 Performance is equipped to help you achieve a better you!

Psst: If you mention Lifestyle Frisco on your first visit you can receive a discount on shots, cryo, and compression. It’s a steal of a deal toward good health!

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