Perfectly Gifted Frisco Takes the Guesswork Out of Gifting

Are you looking for the perfect gift for someone special?

Meet Frisco entrepreneurs Amy Norwood and Ewa Miller, founders of Perfectly Gifted Frisco, a unique local business that's changing the way Frisco shops for gifts.

Perfectly Gifted Frisco is an online boutique that delivers trendy, personalized gift boxes for all occasions. Giving fabulous gifts has never been easier – or more fun!

A Perfectly Curated Box for Every Occasion

Perfectly Gifted Frisco’s thoughtfully-planned gift boxes combine the best of gifting into one delightful package for every imaginable occasion and recipient. And good news –  they can be shipped directly anywhere in the United States.

Amy and Ewa can curate a special box for any occasion; birthdays, baby showers, co-workers, best friends, holidays, promotions, clients, inspirational, and corporate gifts. The presentation is beautiful; the contents, trendy and meaningful.

Perfectly Gifted SharkboxI can’t wait to be invited to a baby shower just so I have a reason to buy the “baby shark” box! They have so many adorable ideas – each one fun, practical, and truly unique.

Whether you want to celebrate, congratulate, encourage, or extend gratitude, Amy and Ewa have a special idea to deliver your sentiment. Quality and value are also extremely important to Amy and Ewa. Amy shared,

We have so much fun curating the themes of our boxes. We spend hours at markets working on what boxes we want to offer and selecting the items that we believe individuals would want to give and receive.

Each box is thought out in a way that allows us to provide less crinkle and more product so people are receiving a personalized gift packed with coordinating items that make a statement.

Every gift box has a unique theme and an array of treats that are equal parts useful and fabulous. In addition to their wonderful selection of ready-made boxes, Perfectly Gifted Frisco offers a customized gift box service.

Perfectly Gifted Frisco

Name your budget, then tell Amy and Ewa about the interests, hobbies, and personal style of your recipient. They'll take it from there and create a truly one-of-a-kind gift just for you.

More Ways to Shop

All of Perfectly Gifted’s boxes are witty, inspiring, and artfully designed. They're really fun to give – and even more, fun to receive! One of my favorite ways to shop on Perfectly Gifted Frisco’s website is the HUBBY referral!

Perfectly Gifted Frisco 6Yes, there’s actually a feature that allows you to sign your husband up to receive great gift ideas from Amy and Ewa. It takes the guesswork out of the equation for him, and you get something special that you'll enjoy!

In addition to their signature gift boxes, they also offer trendy and fun collections of apparel, accessories, tumblers, totes, and more, many of which can be personalized.

From teachers and brides to dads and grads, there's literally something for every recipient and every occasion. And the best part? Amy and Ewa are both long-time Frisco residents and “get” the culture of our community. They know you're busy and they want to make it easy to give thoughtful and memorable gifts.

We understand how busy life can be and want to provide a service that's easy and convenient for our customers. In the world we live in today, everyone is overbooked, overworked and trying to juggle too many things. This translates into people being less personal. [We strive to provide] convenience for our customer but also a really personal and sincere touch to the recipient.

So often, our hearts are in the right place but we simply lack the time and creativity for thoughtful giving. Instead of grabbing a gift card at the checkout line, send a warm message and a wonderful gift with just a few clicks on the Perfectly Gifted website. Thoughtful giving has never been easier or more fun!

Behind Those Perfect Boxes

Perfectly Gifted Frisco was inspired by Amy and Ewa’s friendship and their shared love of gift giving. Amy explains,

We've both always loved gifts. Ewa and I truly love thinking about the people we're gifting to and searching for items they would love to receive. In 2015, we were standing in Ewa’s kitchen talking about starting a personalized gifting business that would provide convenience for the customer [along with a] sincere, personalized touch. I think on that particular day our husbands had heard enough of our big plans and said, ‘just do it!'.  Soooo, we did, and Perfectly Gifted was born.

Perfectly Gifted Frisco 3As members of Frisco's rapidly-growing North Texas business community, Amy and Ewa also specialize in corporate gifts for national companies that want to give in a personalized way.

Start Shopping!

If you go to Perfectly Gifted’s snazzy new website or follow them on social media, you’ll immediately want to become friends with Amy and Ewa so that you can have as much fun as they do!

They're the type of women who leave a little sparkle wherever they go and inspire others to do the same.

Ewa and I are very proud to live in such a wonderful community and provide a service that makes it a little easier for people to give in a personal and meaningful way. Our ability to ship anywhere in the United States allows our customers to connect with the recipient even though they are miles apart.

Amy and Ewa represent the very best of Frisco – bright, innovative, and creative go-getters who work hard to help make our community a happier, more connected place.

Read on to learn a little bit more about each of these extraordinary ladies – and be sure give them a shout next time you need the perfect gift for someone special!

About the Founders of Perfectly Gifted Frisco

Amy Norwood
Hi! I'm Amy Norwood, the co-founder of Perfectly Gifted Frisco. I'm first and foremost a mom to my 11 year old twins, Layton and Ansley, and a wife to my husband of 14 years, Brent. I grew up in East Texas and graduated from Texas Tech University. I love college football, traveling, and spending time with my family.

My love of giving gifts that are meaningful to the recipient put me on the path to creating PGF. I love people, love talking, and love our mission to help make people’s lives a little easier. Most weekends, you can find me on the soccer/football field and at cheer competitions.

Ewa Miller
Perfectly Gifted Frisco 1Hi! I'm Ewa Miller, the co-founder of Perfectly Gifted Frisco. I've been in the Frisco community since 2003 and I'm a mom to Hudson (8) and Mason (11), as well as wife to Chris. I'm originally from Poland but grew up in the mid-cities and graduated from UTA.

My love language has always been gifting, so naturally, I was led to co-founding a company that’s focused on personalized gifting. I'm also extremely passionate about PGF partnering with causes such as breast cancer research and support as well as awareness and education for food allergies Hence, we created the “you got this” box, which helps our customers support others when they may not know what to do or say.

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