Peter Burns – Building the Future of Entrepreneurship in Frisco


Interview #31

Building the future of entrepreneurship in Frisco, Peter Burns is the Program Manager for Young Entrepreneurs Academy, Y.E.A., a Frisco ISD and Chamber of Commerce co-sponsored program for young students who want to learn what it takes to build a business. Peter’s leadership, energy, enthusiasm, and compassion at Y.E.A. is building young leaders whose impact will continue long after he retires.

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Show Notes:

026 – What is Young Entrepreneurs Academy
1:06 – How many businesses does Y.E.A. launch each year
1:22 – What is the business that created a device for the visually impaired
2:48 – When does the Y.E.A. program start and how long does it run
3:28 – How you can get your child involved and who qualifies for the program

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