Prudential’s Living Needs Rider & Long Term Care-Like Benefits

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Recently, many of our top life insurance carriers have added products that offer Long Term Care or Living Benefits as FREE component of their life insurance coverage!

Finally – an affordable way to help pay for some Long Term Care expenses.

Is it true? Or just a gimmick?

The Truth About Long Term Care/Life Insurance Combo Policies

The simple answer is, YES! It’s true! This long term care benefit can be a free aspect of a traditional life insurance policy!

Today we will look at one that’s especially good for clients with pre-existing health or lifestyle risk issues.

Quick Guide to Prudential’s Living Needs Rider

Overview of Prudential’s Living Needs Rider

Prudential is one of our most aggressive carriers, meaning that they will accept cases that many other carriers won’t.

If you have a heart condition, poorly controlled diabetes, are overweight, you may find that Prudential will be able to offer you the best options for coverage.

Additionally, if you are over 50, you may be considering it’s time for a permanent policy, one that lasts as long as you live (no matter how long you live).

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Universal Protector is Prudential’s plan which offers lifetime death benefits with a no-lapse guarantee AND at no additional cost, you can have access to their Living Needs Benefits, should you need them during your lifetime!  (Note that the rider is also free with Prudential’s term policy, the Essential Term or Elite Term).

For example, a 59-year-old male, rated at Preferred Best needing $250,000 in lifetime coverage would pay $315/month for a plan that INCLUDES the long term nursing home care rider.

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How Prudential Living Needs Rider Works

The Living Needs Benefit Rider is simply added to the policy, AT NO EXTRA CHARGE, allowing them to receive a portion of the death benefit prior to death if they have been confined to an eligible nursing home for at least 6 consecutive months, and is expected to be permanently confined.

(Of course, when a claim is paid under this rider, the death benefit is reduced, and a processing fee is deducted. The maximum amount that can be accessed is 70 to 80 percent of the death benefit.)

If you have ever looked into long term care coverage, you know it is very expensive!

In fact, the vast majority of our clients cannot afford traditional long term care coverage, so this option, for a no-charge Living Needs Benefits Rider can be a perfect solution for those facing the possibility of final care in a nursing home.

Of course, if the benefits are not needed during his lifetime, then the full death benefit is paid to the beneficiary upon his death as in any traditional policy.

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Limitations of the Rider

The Prudential Living Needs Benefits Rider is among the most simple, cost-effective, and easy to explain, however, it is somewhat limited, in that it only applies when permanent nursing home care is indicated.

This policy won’t be a fit for everyone. Those who want long term medical care in their home, for example, won’t select this product. However, the price can’t be beaten! This is one of the few plans with a NO CHARGE long term care benefit as part of the policy.

Also, bear in mind, that many of our clients find Prudential is one of the only carriers to offer them coverage, depending on their existing medical conditions.

Please also understand that Prudential’s Living Care benefits are NOT designed to be a replacement for Medicare, Medicaid, or in place of a Medicare supplement plan.  If you are nearing age 65 and want to buy life insurance with living benefits, be sure to budget in the cost for a Medicare supplement plan.

Please also understand these are NOT straight long term care plans.

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How to Get Quotes for Prudential with Long Term Care Benefits

Normally I would say to use the quote form on the right, but you won’t know which carriers do or don’t include long term care benefits with their policies.

So I suggest you contact an independent agent like me because I have access to all the biggest carriers, and once we determine your needs and goals, we would find the best carrier for your unique situation.  It may not be Prudential.

If you have a chronic illness, a history of serious illness, or other specialized life insurance needs, we can give you valuable advice and help you find a policy that suits you.

Whatever your needs or questions, please call me direct at 888-603-2876.

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